About us

Rise Nepal Rise, a division of Kantipur Infotech, was founded by a young group of individuals who thrive on daily exploration to satisfy new curiosities. Our main objective as a web portal and magazine is to offer our users facilities like Nepali typing, a Unicode Preeti translator, a currency converter, and a calendar.

How we’ve evolved

Producing proof items and efficiently distributing them to individuals has been a high priority for us since the beginning of our adventure. We have been committed and passionate about giving you the greatest materials ever since. From a few bunches of people to a group of creative minds, we have evolved in a great way.

Whom we serve

Our services are mainly for individuals over the age of 16. But the information we provide is about all age groups.

What do we offer

We work to produce work that we are proud of for people whose values we strongly believe in. Here, we provide research-based content on a variety of topics, such as Health, Technologies, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Lifestyle, Food, and so on. We have always wanted to make people’s life easier.

Want to learn Nepali typing, or want to convert Nepali currency to any currency or vice versa? Rise Nepal Rise is the ideal place for you.

Our values

We mainly focus on:

  • Encouraging our creators and audience to be creative, knowledgeable, and productive.
  • Giving accurate and reliable information
  • Informing and raising awareness of the issues affecting our society.
  • Helping users to clear their quires related to various topics

Final words

We hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Thanks for visiting our site.

Have a nice day!

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