In this world keeping a name of a person is an important thing. It matters what we’re called. Isn’t it? Our names are an incredibly important part of our identity. They carry deep personal, cultural, familial, and historical connections. They also give us a sense of who we are, the communities in which we belong, and our place in the world.so, we are going to list out the Nepali baby girl’s name in this article.

When a new baby is born one of the first activities in all societies is giving a name to that baby. Choosing your baby’s name is an important decision you have to make as a parent. It can be fun, but the responsibility of naming another human being can make it a bit intimidating. After all, your child will carry that name throughout their life.
You may already have a good idea of what you’re looking for in a name. But, your partner, family, and friends may have a few opinions of their own. It can be tough to get everyone on the same page so let’s not make it a stressful experience, though. It can be very enjoyable. Here you’ll find information and tips for getting through it and picking the perfect name for your newly born Nipali baby girl.

Unique and meaningful Nepali baby girl names

Newly born cute Nepali baby girl

List of Unique Nepali baby girl names:

Almost every parent in this generation wants to give a unique and meaningful name to their baby girl. When it comes to naming a Nepali baby girl then a lot of names get struck in our mind. Here in this article, we are going to show the list of the most meaningful and unique names for a Nepali baby girl starting from the alphabet A to Z.

Our name starts with a letter that holds a very important significance in our life and describes our personality. The first letter of one’s name says much more information than one might know. This letter holds answers to many questions that we generally ignore. Moreover, it also reveals your overall personality traits, character, and activities and gives an overview of what type of person you are. so, the unique Nepali baby girl’s name along with their meaning and significance are listed below.

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With A.

People whose name starts with “A” have leadership qualities and the power to attain heights of success through their wisdom and intelligence. These people are very ambitious, straightforward, and focused on their destinies. Moreover, these people like others to follow them and work according to their choices. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting with the alphabet A along with their meaning.
  • Aafrin (Beautiful)
  • Asha(Hope)
  • Ashusha(Versatility,Enthusiasm)
  • Aadvika (Unique)
  • Aaghnya (Born From Fire)
  • Aakriti (Shape)
  • Aakaanksha (Wish or desire)
  • Aaleahya (Sunshine)
  • Aanshi (God’s gift)
  • Aapeksha (Passion)
  • Aaranam (Ornament)
  • Aaru (Love; Sun)
  • Aarohi (A Music Tune)
  • Aarin (Mountain strength)
  • Aaravi (Peace)
  • Aarashi (First Ray Of Sun)
  • Aliza(Joy)
  • Alina(Light)
  • Aarushi(First rays of the sun)
  • Anne(Grace)
  • Aava(Life;bird;water)
  • Aashika(Sweetheart,Beloved)
  • Avangelina(Good news)
  • Angel(Messenger of god)
  • Ariana(Most holy)
  • Aadhira (Moon)
  • Ashodha((Successful)
  • Astina(Refine,improve oneself)
  • Abhilasha (wish/desire)
  • Aditi (mother of gods)
  • Ajita (Winner)
  • Amisha
  • Anamika (Nameless)
  • Anuja (younger sister)
  • Anantara
  • Ashra
  • Arpita
  • Anisha
  • Aayusha
  • Aashma
  • Aastha (Faith)
  • Ashu
  • Aadhya
  • Ananya
  • Alice (Nobel type)
  • Adrien
  • Anna
  • Adam
  • Amani (Wishes)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With B:

Names starting with the letter “B” are hyper-sensitive and like to be pampered by others. These people want attention all the time and if you ignore them, you might see their worst side. Loving and caring are all that the letter “B” stands for. This is the reason they enjoy being with family and friends all the time. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting with the alphabet B along with their meaning.

  • Bhawana (Feelings)
  • Bhumi (the Earth)
  • Bhumika (Role)
  • Bina (a musical instrument of Goddess Saraswati)
  • Bipana (Reality)
  • Birshika / Barshika
  • Barbie(foreign women)
  • Bani  (Godess saraswati)
  • Bipasha(River)
  • Bipana (Reality)
  • Bandhana (Prayer)
  • Binita(Moderate)
  • Bisha
  • Bhagwati
  • Bishnu
  • Bidhya
  • Bishakhaa
  • Brinda

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With C:

People coming under the letter “C” are good motivators and their communication skills can impress anybody. These people have a pool of talent that they want to utilize by helping others. They are highly optimistic, full of creative energy and enthusiasm. Moreover, their way of talking and communicating with people gives a hint that they can great motivational speakers. Let’s see the name of a Nepali baby girl starting with the alphabet C.

  • Chetana (Consciousness)
  • Cristina (To anoint, an appellation that fits like a crown)
  • Chaaru (Charming)
  • Chahanaa (Wishes)
  • Chadani (moon)
  • Chaaya (Shadow, Relief)
  • Chaarvi (Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman)
  • Chharuvi (Light)
  • Chaitna (Sunflower seed)
  • Chalama (Goddess Pravati)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With D:

As the letter suggests “D” means discipline and now you can guess what type of people they are. These people are very disciplined and business minded. You need to think twice before opening your mouth in front of them. You can call it their ego but it’s their personality which they cannot change. These people believe in life rather than just dreaming to achieve something. Following are the list of Nepali baby girl name starting from alphabet D.

  • Divya (Divine, Luster, Heavenly)
  • Dipsana (A pioneering spirit)
  • Dipshika
  • Dikshya (Initiation, consecration)
  • Dil (Heart)
  • Devangi (Like a goddess)
  • Divyanshi (Part of divine light)
  • Dipika (Latern, Light)
  • Diya (Light, Glow, Lamp)
  • Devangi (Like a goddess)
  • Dimple (Dimple)
  • Dipali (Light)
  • Deepa / Deepashree (Lamp)
  • Dipti / Deepti (Bright)
  • Divyanka / Divya
  • Dhanvi (Wealth)
  • Drishti (Sight)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With E:

People whose name starts with “E” are quite imaginative and intellectual. These people like to be more into themselves driving their imagination rather than thinking of the outside world. You can often call them creative when it comes to generating an idea or brainstorming about new things. These people can be good artists, music directors, writers, etc. The most unique Nepali baby girl name are listed below.

  • Elina (Bright light)
  • Eva (Life)
  • Esha (Full of life)
  • Eliza (Nobel)
  • Elisa (God-loving)
  • Emily (Rival)
  • Evelyn (Desired, wished for)
  • Ela
  • Emma
  • Esmita
  • Eeda
  • Eunisha
  • Evashree
  • Elseena
  • Eureeka
  • Ekta (Unity)
  • Eshika

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With F:

Names starting with the letter “F” are very short-tempered and can get angry even on a small bit of thing. These people hate lies and that is the reason they have anger issues. Apart from this, they are very caring, lovable, loyal, and honest. But if you are on bad terms, they will make sure that you see their worst side. The name of the baby girl starting from the alphabet f is mentioned below.

  • Fiona (Fair of pale)
  • Falak (Star)
  • Fioni (Fair, Beautiful)
  • Fandi
  • Falguni
  • Falina
  • Fatima
  • Farah
  • Farhat
  • Freza
  • Fursang
  • Falsha

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With G:

People falling under the letter “G” are perfectionists and they want everything to be done in a proper form. These people are highly active and cannot sit on a single chair all day thinking about unnecessary things. Due to their perfectionist ways, G people are extremely selective when choosing a partner. They will prefer to stay single rather than choose a partner who doesn’t match their mentality. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from G.

  • Grishma (Summer)
  • Gita (Song)
  • Gitanjali (Melodious tribute)
  • Givina(Independence, strength)
  • Gurash (Flower)
  • Garima (Warmth)
  • Ganga (Ganga holy river)
  • Gitashree (Holy Gita)
  • Guneet (Full of Talent)
  • Gunjan / Gunjika / Gunjita (Humming)
  • Gurpreet
  • Gauri ( fair complexion )
  • Gania
  • Geness

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With H:

People starting with the letter “H” are nature lovers and think more about their surroundings and environment. These people are very hygienic and want everything neat & clean around them. You will often see them planting a tree around the roadside or watering the plants or participating in some clean environment activities. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from H.

  • Heer (Diamond)
  • Heja (Blessing)
  • Hritika (Truthful)
  • Hira (Diamond)
  • Hema (Golden)
  • Hina (A shrub)
  • Heet ((Well-wisher)
  • Helen
  • Himanshi
  • Harshita (same as Harsha: Happiness)
  • Henry
  • Heza

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With I:

People whose name starts with “I” are more inclined towards technology and modern things. These people are very fond of fashionable and branded things. You will often see them wearing branded clothes, shoes, wristwatches, es, etc. Apart from this, these people devote much time to using social media, playing online games, and looking for new things on the Internet. You can also call them social butterflies. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from I.

  • Isha (Lord)
  • Ira (Devoted one)
  • Ishika (Lovely)
  • Ibha (Hope)
  • Ishita (Superior)
  • Ikshita (Beautiful Woman)
  • Idika (Earth)
  • Ishani (Ruler)
  • Ipsita (Desired)
  • Indira (Goddess Laxmi)
  • Indu (Moon)
  • Ishawarya(God prosperity)
  • Ikshu (Sugarcane)
  • Ivy (Vine)
  • Iri (A symbol of love)
  • Ivanna (God is gracious)
  • Ivory (Pearl)
  • Irene (Irene)
  • Itzayana (Rainbow lady)
  • Ikshya (desire)
  • Irish

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With J:

If your name starts with the letter “J” it means you have great physical energy and that becomes the biggest reason for your success. These people are very ambitious, focused, and extremely active. Thus, you want a life partner who can help you excel in the future. These people wish to have an intelligent person as a better half. These people can be good wrestlers, athletes, pilots, etc. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from J.

  • Jeena (Wellborn, Nobel)
  • Jiya (Radiance; Light; Sunshine, Sweetheart)
  • Jenisha (Superior person)
  • Juhi (Jasmine flower)
  • Jeet (Victory, Win)
  • Jesna (Garden of Heaven)
  • Jenne (Fair, Smooth)
  • Joshna (Full of energy, Moonlight)
  • Jisoo (Wisdom, Beautiful)
  • Jalsha(A festive meeting or gathering)
  • Januka
  • Jharna (Spring)
  • Jayanti
  • Jayalaksh
  • Janaki
  • Jemie
  • Jessica
  • Jigyasha (Query)
  • Jashmita
  • Jonisha
  • Jasmine (a flower)
  • Jemi
  • Jannat

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With K:

People falling under the letter “K” are pretty romantic, secretive, and caring, and have the power to hide their emotions in front of others. These people are very serious when it comes to relationships and love-related matters. If you are looking for a life partner find someone starting with the letter K. Pure-hearted people who can help you in every situation without any greed or selfishness. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from K.

  • Kalpana (Idea, Imagination, Fancy)
  • Krisha (Divine, Thin)
  • Karuna (Compassion, Mercy)
  • Karishma (Gift, Favor)
  • Kripa (Blessing)
  • Kalpu
  • Khushi (Happiness)
  • Kajal (Eyeliner)
  • Kusum (Flower)
  • Kavya (Poem)
  • Kalyani (Happy, Blessed, Lucky)
  • Kalash (a Holy jug)
  • Kabita (poem)
  • Kangana (bracelet)
  • Kala (art)
  • Kamana (wishes)
  • Kaveri (a river)
  • Kaya
  • Kesari (holy paint)
  • Komal (very soft)
  • Kranti (Revolution)
  • Karunima
  • Kunti
  • Kristina
  • Kunjana
  • Kranti (Revolution)
  • Kanchan (pure)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With L:

People whose name starts with “L” are generally overthinkers who like to get into the roots of a certain situation. These people look deep into the matter till the time it gets solved. However, this nature can prove harmful for them sometimes as thinking more about things can affect your health and mind as well. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from L.

  • Laxmi (Goddess)
  • Lali (Blushing)
  • Lina (Alive)
  • Lalita (Beautiful)
  • Liza (God’s promise)
  • Leva
  • Lisha (Sweet, Honest, Truth)
  • Luna (Moon)
  • Lucy
  • Lata
  • Lashang
  • Lalima
  • Loomila
  • Lila
  • Loshi

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With M:

This is quite interesting. People starting with the letter “M” are very lazy and slow. You can also call them human Tortoise. These people just want to rest all day doing nothing and eating food only. You will often see them lying on the bed with some food item in their mouth and just criticizing things. However, these people are very lovable, emotional, and sometimes a bit humorous too. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from M.

  • Marie (Star of the Sea)
  • Muskan (Smile, Happy, or laughter)
  • Maya(love)
  • Melina (Honey)
  • Maanvi (One who possesses all the best qualities)
  • Manushi (Kind)
  • Megha (Cloud)
  • Muna (Wishes, Desire)
  • Madhuri (Sweet)
  • Minakshee (Fish-eyed)
  • Mina (Love)
  • Mansi (Voice of heart)
  • Manu (Greatest)
  • Madhu (Honey or sweet)
  • Marlie (Rebelliousness)
  • Manjari
  • Manashree
  • Mausamika or Mausami (seasonal)
  • Meghan
  • Meghna
  • Minu (a gem)
  • Meeli
  • Mahina (greatness)
  • Meera
  • Mohini
  • Mona
  • Mannat
  • Mala (garland)
  • Malvika
  • Mallika
  • Mamta (love)
  • Manashi
  • Manashwi (the one controlling minds)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With N:

People falling under the letter “N” are more like independent birds who can travel anywhere without any boundaries or limitations. These people want full freedom of life to do anything they want. However, it doesn’t mean that they are useless, they are also very ambitious. It’s just their nature that makes them quite different from the world. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from N.

  • Novy (New)
  • Niti (Morality)
  • Nikki (Small)
  • Neha (Affection, Beautiful eyes)
  • Naina (Eyes)
  • Nancy (Favor, Grace)
  • Natasha (Born on Christmas Day)
  • Nisha (Night)
  • Nandani (To rejoice, Delight)
  • Niru (Strength, power)
  • Numa (Beautiful)
  • Niruta (Plesant, Easy going person)
  • Namrata (Modesty)
  • Niyukti
  • Neeharika (silver-lining)
  • Neelam
  • Neelisha
  • Nidhi (wealth)
  • Nilakshi (blue-eyed)
  • Nimi
  • Nirali (different)
  • Nirjaya (Forever Young)
  • Nirupama (Unparalleled)
  • Noopur
  • Nimisha
  • Narwada
  • Nasala
  • Nagina
  • Neera
  • Nishma
  • Niva

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With O:

People with names starting with the letter “O” are extremely focused, and not afraid to work hard towards their goals. They have a very high level of morals and ensure that they always follow them with every decision in their lives. However, they are extremely sensitive and often have strong spiritual beliefs. For these individuals, nothing is impossible to accomplish. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from O.

  • Oshin (Flower)
  • Oliva (Olive tree)
  • Osin (God is great)
  • Ojhal (Out of sight, Hidden)
  • Ojasvi (Bright)
  • Ojashwi (Shiny)
  • Oshima
  • Osha
  • Oshika
  • Ojashmita

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With P:

People whose name starts with the letter “P” are very talkative, humorous, and funny. These people have a very good sense of humor and very difficult to understand what they are saying as they might sarcastically taunt you. You will often see them communicating with people in a very funnier and informal way. However, these people are very intelligent and clever. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from P.

  • Pallavi (New leaves)
  • Payal (Plesant, Admirable, Youthful)
  • Priya (Beloved)
  • Piyaa (Beloved)
  • Pushpa (Flower)
  • Pratima (Beautiful, Icon, Idol, Like a statue of worship)
  • Pratikshya (To wait, Expectation)
  • Punam (Full moon)
  • Palak (Eyelid, Someone who protects like how eyelids protect our eyes)
  • Priyanka (Someone or something amiable, and lovable)
  • Preeti (Love, Beautiful)
  • Prashna(Question)
  • Proovi(A classical melody)
  • Prashansa (Praise)
  • Parvati (Daughter of the mountain)
  • Pabitra (The one who is born pure and sane)
  • Pradhi (Great Intelligence)
  • Prerana (Inspiration)
  • Parina (Fairy angel)
  • Pari (Beauty, Angel)
  • Prisma (Cherished)
  • Princy (A girl born into royalty, a princess)
  • Paaru (The sun, Fire, Goddess Parvati)
  • Prajjwala
  • Prabina
  • Prasiva
  • Pabina
  • Pinkey
  • Pawana
  • Prekshya
  • Prashuna
  • Prisha
  • Prishita
  • Pranisha
  • Parnavi (a bird)
  • Parineeti
  • Pauravi
  • Paveena (freshness)
  • Prachi (east)
  • Pragati (Progress)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With Q:

People falling under the letter “Q” are highly alcoholic and spend most of their time drinking wine with divine music. These people are more into themselves or you can say lost in their world. They just want a bottle of liquor in their hands roaming here and there enjoying themselves. However, these people are quite imaginative and bold when it comes to communicating with others. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from Q.

  • Qamari (Moonlight)
  • Quarin (Benevolence)
  • Quiera (Wants)
  • Qayanat (Universe)
  • Qnushi (Happiness)
  • Queeni (Mermid)
  • Quasar (Meteor)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With R:

People whose name starts with the letter “R” are extremely workaholic who wants to spend their whole life completing tasks only. These people are hard workers and they will do anything to complete their tasks on time. However, their thinking is limited, they just want to work rather than looking at the wider picture and achieving something big. This is one of their drawbacks which they need to concentrate upon. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from R.

  • Reet (Culture, Rule)
  • Rita (Pearl)
  • Rima (Rhyme, Pottery)
  • Rishta (Relation)
  • Roshni (Bright, Brilliant)
  • Rina (Beloved, Joyful, Melody)
  • Ritika (Joy, Generous)
  • Radhika (Successful, Love of lord Krishna)
  • Reshma (Silk)
  • Riyasha (Leader, Determined)
  • Raksha (Protection)
  • Rakshya (Protector, Guard)
  • Ridhima (Full of love)
  • Rekha (Line)
  • Ruhi (Ascending)
  • Ruby (Red stone)
  • Ruza (Rose)
  • Riyana (Sweet basil, A person who removes poverty)
  • Riti (Memory Wellbeing)
  • Rashi (The sign in which the moon was placed at the time of your birth)
  • Ruchi (Light, Beauty, Interest)
  • Ranjita
  • Ruju (verification)
  • Reva
  • Richita
  • Roma
  • Ragini (melody)
  • Roopali (beautiful)
  • Rupa (Silver)
  • Roshna (light)
  • Richa
  • Ridhima (Full of Love)
  • Rikisha (Rose)
  • Rimjhim
  • Rishima (MoonBeam)
  • Rishma
  • Rabina (sunny)
  • Rani (Queen)
  • Rimjhim
  • Ruhani
  • Ragini (melody)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With S:

People whose name starts with “S” are multi-talented and can shine in any field whether it is acting, politics, business, sports, or any creative field. These people have only one motive in life i.e. to achieve success, fame, and money. Thus, these people put in a lot of hard work to gain success professionally. However, when it comes to love, you will often see them standing alone or ditched by someone. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from S.

  • Sushma (Sparkling beauty or beautiful women)
  • Sumi (Elegant, Refined)
  • Sumitra (Good friend)
  • Sheetal (Cool)
  • Samakhya (Deliberation)
  • Surbhi (Sweet, Fragrance)
  • Surakshya(Protection)
  • Smriti (Remembrance, Memory)
  • Sahana (Patience)
  • Sana (praise)
  • Sarika (Beautiful thing)
  • Shreya (Goddess Laxmi)
  • Simran (Meditation)
  • Sonika (Sun’s Daughter)
  • Shuchi (Pure)
  • Sejal (Pure)
  • Shukti (Pearl)
  • Srisha (Flower)
  • Shivanshi (Part of Siv)
  • Shefali (Fragrant)
  • Sara (Precious)
  • Sajni (One who dearly loved)
  • Suhana (Star)
  • Sumiya (Beautiful)
  • Suzain (Sweet)
  • Sabina (Roman Name)
  • Sailaja (Daughter of mountains)
  • Sadhana (Meditate)
  • Sabita (Sunshine)
  • Saachi (Truth)
  • Saanjh (Evening)
  • Sanoja (Eternal)
  • Sujata (Birth)
  • Sanija (Gift born)
  • Saniaa (A moment in a time)
  • Samantha (spiritual)
  • Saloni (Beautiful, charming)
  • Sajni (One who dearly loved)
  • Suhana (Star)
  • Sumiya (Beautiful)
  • Sonakshi (Golden eyed)
  • Sonali (Beautiful color)
  • Saili (way of doing something)
  • Sailaja
  • Sakshi (witness)
  • Santwana
  • Simron
  • Shreya
  • Suju (Sujata)
  • Subekshya
  • Susagya
  • Sachita
  • Shweta
  • Suprina
  • Shambhavi
  • Shailesha
  • Shireen
  • Shohini
  • Sia
  • Simi
  • Soumya (good nature)
  • Srisha
  • Stuti
  • Suhana
  • Sunandaa

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With T:

People whose name starts with the Letter “T” are very good at managing things and working efficiently in different situations. These people want everything to be done in a very organized manner and within a particular period. These people are mentally strong and always try to learn new things and generate new ideas for managing things in different situations. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from T.

  • Tina (Follower of Christ)
  • Trisha (Nobel, Patrician)
  • Tanya (Fairy Queen)
  • Tanusha (A blessing)
  • Rachel(Idealism, intuition)
  • Tejaswi (Bright)
  • Tripti (Satisfaction)
  • Trishala (Mother of lord Mahavir)
  • Tanu (Slim)
  • Tasha (Resurrection)
  • Tashvi / Tashwi
  • Tinkey

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With U:

People starting with the letter “U” are quite notorious and always try to find shortcuts to achieve success. These people are very smart and tricky when it comes to dealing with difficult situations. However, this nature can prove harmful for them as they might get caught doing some unlawful activity or you can also see them behind bars. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl names starting from U.

  • Unisha (Princess)
  • Usha (Dawn)
  • Utsa (Spring season)
  • Uma (Splendor, Tranquility, Fame)
  • Upama (Comparison, Smile)
  • Urvashi (She who controls the heart of others)
  • Urvi (Earth, River)
  • Utkarsha
  • Uttara

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With V:

As the letter suggests “V” stands for victory and achieving everything you desire of. These people are born winners and will do anything to reach the top of the world. If you want to defeat them make yourself strong like a mountain. Moreover, these people are great manipulators and can make you feel guilty even if you are not. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl name starting from V.

  • Veesha (Well behaved, polite)
  • Vedika (Full of knowledge)
  • Varti(Well groomed, Eloquent)
  • Varosha(Creativity, Curiosity, Belief)
  • Vani (Eloquent in words)
  • Vina (To bend oneself, stoop, to bent)
  • Virthika(Success in life, Thought)
  • Vaishnavi (The personified energy of Vishnu)
  • Vanu (Eager, Friend)
  • Vatsala
  • Vedanti (knower of the Vedas)
  • Venisha
  • Vibhuti
  • Vidhi
  • Vidhisha
  • Vidhya
  • Vinita (or just vini)
  • Vima
  • Vumika

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With W:

People whose name starts with the letter “W” are very charming and you can get easily attracted by their looks. These people are very egoistic about their charms and can easily someone fall in their love. However, you cannot call them flirt, it’s just their looks that make people fall for them. Apart from this, these people are great lovers who can always take a stand for the person they love. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl name starting from W.

  • Wasna (A narrator)
  • Watika (Garden)
  • Warhi (God Durga)
  • Wily (Full of deceit, Deceit)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With X:

People whose name starts with the letter “X” are very dangerous and dare to take any risk or any impossible task on their head. These people are always ready to do anything whether it’s possible or not, they will give it a try. You need to be very careful while talking to them as they might take even a joke seriously which might create problems for them later on. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl name starting from X.

  • Xalak (Magnificent)
  • Xenia (Hospitability)
  • Xenika(Guest, Friendship)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With Y:

People falling under the letter “Y” are more into business and real estate. These people just want to make money by hook or by crook. They will try every possible way to earn profit whether it’s investing in gambling or investing in the share market. Moreover, these people are very classy and restless and it’s quite tough to make them friends. Here is the list of Nepali baby girl name starting from Y.

  • Yukti (Union)
  • Yoshana (Girl)
  • Yashodha (Mother of lord Krishna)
  • Yanti (Goddess Parvati)
  • Yeshashwi
  • Yojana (planning)
  • Yamini
  • Yogita
  • Yaadavi (Goddess)
  • Yaami (Path, Progress)
  • Yagavi (Bright)
  • Yana (Slavic, God is gracious)
  • Yasasvini (Victorious, Famous)
  • Yashna (To pray)
  • Yasi (Famous, Successful)
  • Yavana (Youth, Young, Handsome, Beautiful)

Nepali Baby Girls’ Names Starting With Z:

People starting with the letter “Z” are friends to all i.e., they are very friendly, and polite and love to always be surrounded by people. These people love to make friends and share things to know about different cultures. Moreover, these people are a bit diplomatic and will stand with you in the end but for a certain reason. They have two faces, one is to be friends with everyone and the second is to satisfy their greed from that friendship. Some list of the Nepali baby girl’s name starting from Z are listed below.

  • Ziva (Brightness)
  • Zansi (Daredevil Lady)
  • Zeba (Graceful)
  • Zina (Hospitable, Welcoming)
  • Zara (In flower; Bright as the dawn; Brilliance; Blossoming flower)
  • Zoe
  • Zyanni (Bending light)
  • Zaisha (Princess; Beloved)
  • Zalak (Instant appearance)
  • Zanakhi (Pray of God)
  • Zarina (Queen)
  • Zeel (Silent lake; Jharna)
  • Zena (Ornament; Something beautiful; A hospitable woman)
  • Zenshi (Sweet; Complete)

In Conclusion:

Hence, A person’s name is the greatest connection to their own identity and individuality and here in this article, we have tried our best to collect the most unique and meaningful name for Nepali baby girl in 2023. Not only that we have also discussed the significance of names starting with a different alphabet. Hope this article was helpful for you to choose the name of your baby girl and we are pretty sure that your baby girl will like your choice when she grew up.

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