10 Best Bubble Tea Flavors You Must Try Once

Have you ever tried bubble tea? No? Is this the first time you’re having Boba and you’re unsure about which flavor to have? Then you’ve come to the right place. As you know there is an endless variety of bubble tea. From sweetened tea with ice, frothy milk, and chewy tapioca balls to mango-flavored milk tea. Each and everyone is equally tasty but what to have when this is your first time having it? I’m here to help you out. Scroll through the list to choose your favorite Boba! Your first time drinking bubble tea won’t be let down by these options. So, Let’s take a look at the top 10 bubble tea flavors that are MUST-HAVE.

What is Bubble Tea?

Also called Boba tea, bubble tea is a type of milk tea that originated in Taiwan. Made by blending tea with milk, fruit, and fruit juices, then adding tasty tapioca pearls and shaking vigorously, it is one of the trendy drinks these days among youths. This incredibly unusual-looking drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it a tasty and delightfully odd drink and snack.

At the bottom of the cup are tapioca pearls, which have a chewy mouthfeel resembling a cross of jelly and chewing gum. The pearls, which come in a variety of flavors and are often black but can occasionally be white or transparent, give the beverage a passionfruit-like appearance.

1. Classic Milk Tea

The most classic bubble tea that started it all. Black tea, milk powder, sugar, and naturally chewy tapioca pearls are the main ingredients in traditional milk tea. Its smooth tea flavor paired with its rich and creamy flavor is sure to make you grin. Additionally, a variety of milk is offered. We have options for you whether you’re lactose intolerant or just don’t want to eat animal products. You only need to ask to obtain it. This is a great one to sample bubble tea if you haven’t before.

2. Strawberry Milk Tea

This refreshing drink is made of homegrown strawberries by boiling fresh strawberries to make a sweet simple syrup, which is then combined with milk and tea. Everyone can savor this beverage thanks to the directions for a vegan and dairy-free alternative! Guys, you will adore this summertime tea because it promotes relaxation and keeps your head calm.

3. Jasmine Milk Tea

If you’ve only a slight sweet tooth and a health addict then this bubble tea will love it. Jasmine milk tea is best described as floral and delicate topped with fresh jasmine petals and an amusing scent. It is abundant in antioxidants and has a long list of remarkable health advantages.

4. Milk Tea

Having a bad mood? Have Boba pearls in a buttery, sweet, and mild almond milk tea. This dairy-free, simple-to-make bubble tea is delicious. made with tapioca pearls, almond flakes, and brown sugar. One can essentially drink bubble tea every day if he/she is such a big fan of everything related to it. However, milk can occasionally be a bit heavy, so if you often find yourself looking for a lighter substitute then this is the best choice as  Cow’s milk can be replaced with almond milk, which is delicious, light, and ideal for milk tea. Around the world, more and more bubble tea cafes are switching from utilizing cow’s milk to plant-based milk. Because it has very little flavor and doesn’t change the flavor of bubble tea, almond milk is typically a top pick.

5. Blueberry Bubble Tea

Anytime you have a hankering for a refreshing bubble tea, you may prepare this wonderful blueberry milk tea recipe at home quickly and easily. There is no artificial flavoring because it is made with blueberry simple syrup made from genuine blueberries. combined with milk and green tea. then presented with Boba pearls on ice.

6. Honeydew Boba Tea

On a hot day, honeydew melon milk tea is the ideal reviving beverage! It’s made with fresh honeydew and only requires a few simple ingredients and techniques. The perfect fruit lover’s bubble tea! The best thing about this tea is that there are no artificial colors added, and you may use whichever milk you like.

7. Hokkaido Bubble Tea

Hokkaido milk tea is a well-liked beverage in Japan with flavors that are both rich and creamy. This Boba tea is simple to make at home and is made with black tea, packed milk, light brown sugar, and tapioca pearls. The milk itself is the primary distinction in Hokkaido milk tea. It is made in Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture, which encompasses a sizable portion of the country. This Japanese milk tea is most frequently caused by blending black tea, sanonto sugar, and Hokkaido milk. Similarly, for extra texture and flavor, tapioca pearl (Boba) is occasionally used. Due to the inherent tastes of Hokkaido milk, the final product is a rich, velvety, and silky smooth drink with a faint vanilla undertone.

8. Taro Milk Bubble Tea

Jasmine tea, taro root, milk, and tapioca pearls are used to create the colorful purple boba known as taro milk tea. Each sip is creamy, sweet, and packed with interesting tastes. As milk, sugar, and black tea are used to brew milk tea, the taro root’s mild, somewhat sweet, and nutty flavor pairs nicely with them. In particular, the flavor is akin to sweet potato, but with a milder flavor profile and hints of vanilla. A cup of this tea provides vitamins C, B, and E, as well as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber, and folate. It also contains a lot of antioxidants.

9. Mango bubble tea

What flavor is mango milk tea? It resembles a creamier mango juice! Fruity, sweet, and extremely cooling with a calming, creamier twist. The sweetness levels can be varied from barely detectable to extremely high. Mangoes, tapioca starch, syrup, and tea are the ingredients. It is a pleasantly cool beverage with tapioca pearls that are mango-flavored. Unlike others, this tea has no added sugar and is packed with nutrients and vitamins from the mango. Likewise, you can also brew vegan bubble tea if you’d like by adding non-dairy milk to suit your nutritional needs, such as almond or oat milk.

10. Matcha Milk Tea

Matcha milk tea is a refreshing drink from Japanese green tea powder, hot water, and milk. If you want it sweeter, you could also add a sweetener like honey. This beverage can have tapioca pearls added to give it a chewy texture. resulting in a beverage that differs greatly from a standard matcha beverage. This contains many vitamins. It offers B-Carotene, which is a precursor to vitamin A. For those who struggle with vision, this vitamin is crucial. Moreover, as an antioxidant, it is also advantageous.

So, Did you find which bubble tea flavor tea you’re going to try now? All things considered, Make sure to share this with your friend to finally get them to go try new flavors with you.


I thought bubble tea was the greatest thing I had ever encountered the first time I tried it. The sweet, watery, delicate cooked tapioca pearls and sweetened tea are two of my favorite foods (either jasmine milk tea or blueberry bubble tea is my favorite). My preferred Bubble Tea with less sugar can be made by combining a dash of 25% ice and 25% sugar.

In addition to bubble tea, there are also bubble smoothies, bubble milk tea (both hot and cold), bubble iced green and black teas, and many more. Besides tapioca bubbles, you can also have your beverage with other types of bubbles. You may add jellies and even exploding bubbles to your boba tea at any bubble tea shop. If you haven’t guessed yet, I freaking adore this stuff.