10 Health Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

Dogs are known to be human friends for decades. But not only are they our cuddling companions, but they also bring many health benefits to being a dog owner. The researchers discovered that persons without dogs were, on average, inactive for roughly 30 minutes longer each day than people who walked their dogs. On shorter days, colder days, and days with greater precipitation, all study participants were less active. However, the researchers found that dog walkers were more active than non-dog walkers on the nicest days, even on days with bad weather. But the benefits of being a dog owner are not limited to this only.

So, Want to know about what health benefits it brings being a dog owner?

Well, Here are they. Go till the end!

Heath benefits of being a Dog Owner

1. Helps you stay active

A dog gives you affection, company, and a sense of purpose that motivates you to go for daily walks outside. It is observed that the most obvious advantage of dog ownership is probably the daily exercise. And according to a recent study, the additional activity counts toward the suggested physical activity targets. Many dog owners are aware that a weary dog is indeed a good dog, and also that physical activity is the greatest method to exhaust a dog. Many dog owners unintentionally improve their own activity levels by taking their pets on walks and playing fetch.

2. Decreases the risk of a heart attack and heart disease

Just like how watching fish swimming in a tank has been shown to reduce blood pressure and anxiety, just petting your dog can also lower your risk of heart disease, research shows. Pet owners had significantly lower heart rates, arterial pressure, and systolic blood pressure, indicating better cardiovascular health, according to a review of several research studies. Similarly, People who own dogs tend to walk more, which may have something to do with the fact that most dogs need to be walked.

3. Lowers the level of triglycerides

There is evidence that dog owners have less triglycerides level. Likewise, spending time with dogs helps in the improvement of endothelial function, which leads to lower blood pressure and fewer cardiac arrhythmias, which is connected to better mood and emotional state according to a unifying idea.

4. Cuts down on cholesterol levels

Owing a dog or any other pet helps in reducing fatty deposits in our blood vessels. When these fatty deposits grow, it causes difficulty for enough blood to flow through your arteries. Sometimes, These deposits can occasionally unexpectedly separate and create a clot that results in a heart attack or stroke. Not having regular exercise increases the chances of having high cholesterol in your body. Talking dog on a walk, or playing with it aids in reducing it.

5. Aids in blood pressure reduction

Health benefits of being a dog owner

Dog owner playing with his pet

Some research has revealed, that petting a dog for more than 15 minutes reduces the chances of high blood pressure. Likewise, people who own dogs are less likely to react physically to stress. As a result, the effects of stress on the body are lessened since the heart rate and blood pressure rise less and return to normal more quickly. According to research collated by the bingo website Tombola, spending time with your four-legged buddy releases serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin, and even reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

6. Helps decrease stress

The participants who were paired with such a dog had lower cortisol and heart rate readings than those who were alone or even those who had a companion. Even though everyone became more apprehensive during the test. This shows that even if it’s not our own dog, being around dogs can help us cope with stressful situations—possibly even the stress of a pandemic.
There is also some evidence that watching movies about dogs can help those who are unable to have a pet feel less stressed and anxious.

That probably explains why so many of us seek solace in amusing movies of puppies and kitties.

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7. Support the microbiome

It has also been noted that having a dog can help to improve your microbiome because living with a dog naturally strengthens your immune system. Your internal flora becomes more diverse when you are exposed to the various bacteria that dogs naturally have.

8. Help you become more composed and focused

Dogs are catalysts for healthy behaviors in our lives. They help in enhancing our mental health. Keeping a dog as a pet not only builds our self-esteem but also improves ours. This helps in the assurance that we can take care of another creature and of ourselves as well. Studies have shown, dog owners have a good amount of oxytocin and dopamine. This adds joy to their lives and makes them more focused and composed.

9. Boosts the immune system’s strength

Additionally, stroking an animal for a short while might strengthen your immune system. Petting a dog for just 18 minutes can increase the amount of the anti-infection antibody immunoglobulin A in human saliva. Dogs operate as a probiotic, assisting you in creating beneficial bacterial colonies that strengthen your immune system.

10. Minimizes the chance of allergies

There is mounting evidence that early exposure to dogs can reduce the likelihood that infants will later develop allergies and asthma. Asthma service dogs are taught to: Keep an eye out for and be aware of asthma triggers including dust, smoking, and pollen. Keep an eye out for any breathing changes, such as coughing and wheezing, that could indicate an asthma attack. Use an alert signal, such as pawing or nudging, to alert their handler of an impending asthma attack.

Final thoughts on health benefits of being a dog owner

As a result, many people believe that dog owners care for their pets more diligently because they receive no compensation. But in actuality, it’s a two-way street; they equally look out for us. It is significant to remember that only those who value and love animals are able to care for them. Because owning a pet requires a significant lifetime commitment.


What food should I give to my dog?

Just like humans, good food with sufficient nutrition is important for pets as well. You can find several healthy dog foods in the market which can be fed according to the age, and breed of your puppy.

Are vaccinations very necessary?

Yes, vaccinations are important to keep you and your pet safe from any kind of several fatal and serious diseases.

How often should I take my pet to the vet?

You can take your pet to the vet several times a year or once in six months can also be done.

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