20 Items To Include In Mental Health Gift Basket

Season of Gifts is HERE. Giving gifts is accompanied by a number of feel-good hormones that cause the giver and taker both to experience delight, connection, and contentment. Gift experiences affect your mental health and give many social as well as emotional benefits. A stress-relieving mental health gift basket can be a game changer to someone who is having mental ill health or anyone who is struggling with trauma, anger, anxiety, grief, or mental health-related issues at work.

Likewise, The gift you give to someone can change their attitude and behavior and you as a giver might feel satisfaction when seeing the expression on their face. So, if you also want to feel the same and if you are also looking for some good mental health gift basket to improve your friends, family, or your significant other’s mental health, then here in this article we present you with some cool, fun, useful and helpful gifts ideas that you can give as a gift.

What Is Mental Health Gift Basket?

Imagine, you are living out of your hometown, alone. And your lovely mother’s birthday is on the edge. You surely want to send gifts right? In that condition, you must think of parceling something in a box filling it with things your mother loves and adores the most. After you’ve sent it imagine how happy your mother would be.

It must not be your mother too. You can send gift baskets to anyone you love. In the current scenario, where everyone’s having busy and hectic lifestyles, they are not getting any time to take care of themselves. In that case, sending a gift basket filled with cards and books motivates the person a lot.

Types of Gifts Baskets

If you are wondering about the variants and types of mental health gifts basket that exist, then to put you at ease, here we’ve listed some types of mental health gifts baskets that you might consider giving a gift in:

1. Relaxation spa gift basket

2. Anxiety affirmation basket

3. Low-fat foods gift basket

4. Vegan delights gift basket

5. Bath set gift basket

6. Skincare gift basket

7. Snacks and treats gift basket

Things We Can Include In Gift Baskets

Now that you know some types of mental health gift baskets, you must be wondering ” what can I include here????”, Right? Well… you don’t need to worry. Here are some things and stuff for you to keep in your gift baskets. I’m sure you’ll love it. Go till the end!

1. A selected list of Books

If you want to give a gift to someone who is a bookworm, then you can give them a selected list of books that they love. You just need to know what kind of genre they love. You can find a great variety of books in many different categories such as fiction, Non-fiction, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, biography, autobiography, etc. Make a full set of those books and give them as a gift.

2. Journals

Many types of research have shown that journaling helps in reducing the frequency of intrusive, and depressive thoughts. Similarly, through Karen A. Baikie and Kay Wilhelm’s report, those individuals who journaled for around 20-30 minutes a day have less stress, improved immune system functioning, improved lung and liver function, and reduced blood pressure. Also, keep in mind journaling is also a type of self-care as it helps in the recovery from traumatic events.

My top recommendation is Gratitude Journal by Sujatha Lalhudi.

3. Scalp Massager

What is the most favorable destination for your tension? Your brain right? So, to reduce its outcome Scalp massager is a great solution. Scalp massager like such not only relieves stress but also reduces tension. This revolutionary product when added to your gift basket, will not only make the gift taker happy but will also improve the damages caused by stress in their life.

You can buy scalp massagers of diverse types on amazon and Etsy easily.

4. Aromatherapy Kits

Aromatherapy kits containing various essentials oils such as Lavender oil, Roman Chamomile oil, Geranium oil, Bergamot oil, helps one feel optimistic about life, especially in rough times. Similarly, They help to improve your mood, aids depression and helps in focus as well.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Kits:

  • Reduces anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue
  • Lessen muscular aches and menstrual problems

So, If you are thinking to give something as a gift then, this kit can be a best choice.

5. Throw weighted blankets

This specific type of blanket can be a great gift to anyone close to you. You won’t believe it even gained praise from Actress Kathryn Hahn. ” It’s breathable and good for all seasons. I don’t get so hot with it, so I can use it in the summer. I take the greatest naps of my life with this thing” she said. Researched have shown, the pressure of weighted blanket puts your nervous system in automatic “rest” mode and reduces the risk of anxiety. So this can be a tremendous gift to keep in a gift basket. You can easily buy this on amazon on a very reasonable price.

6. Tea set

Support to your loved ones can be shown through various different ways including this tea set. Drinking tea is repeatedly analogous with soothing and calming effects. Fun fact, people who feel anxious from the coffee’s high caffeine content can also have this. Some great tea bag picks can be Chamomile herbal tea, English breakfast organic tea, Cinnamon matcha tea, Lavender tea etc. In addition, websites like amazon, and frasertea also serves variety of teas.

7. Stress Ball

As the name suggests, stress balls are the ultimate solution for stress. A cross-section study done by Srivarsan and Preetha on the use of Stress Ball in Stress Management concluded that people who used stress balls reported feeling happier and more energetic than those who did not use them. They act as healthy distractions and can be used by all age groups.

8. Coloring Books made for Adults

Wait. Coloring is not always for kids. They can be for adults too. Coloring books is considered as one of the best way to calm your body and help it relax. If the person you want to give gift to is suffering from insomnia, feelings of anxiety and depression and is having trouble to be focused, spending time coloring books once in a day can benefit them a lot.

9. Affirmation Cards

” I am proud of myself”. “I am enough”.

Motivating words like such, who doesn’t love to hear it, or get it from someone. You can even handmade this or order easily from Amazon, or Etsy. Though, this is a very simple gift, they can easily serve as pocket sized remainders of your worth wherever you are.

10. Massage Chairs

This is indeed a very unusual gift. But…But…But… believe me you won’t regret giving it as a gift. This chair will relax and relieve tired muscles and joints and also will help in better blood and lymph circulation. They help in alleviating headaches, common body aches, chronic neck and shoulder pain. As, vacation days are coming this will make a perfect gift.

11. Bath essentials like body wash, bath bombs

Bath bombs, and body wash like bath essentials cannot be missed when talking about mental health gift basket. Taking time to relax is the best thing one can do in stressful time. These bath essentials helps in effective pampering and gives an at home spa experience. If you’ll ask me, I recommend the lavender bath bombs and Dove Lavender body wash, as the smell great and improves your skin a lot as well.

12. Slippers

Noting feels best than soft slippers on your feet. Many believe, giving slipper as gift to a friend or a family means you telling them you value their comfort. Isn’t this amazing. Besides the emotional sentiment, soft slippers helps in regulating your body temperature and improves your mood. What a all round gift!

13. Fuzzy socks

With slippers, fuzzy socks works the best. As winter is also coming, fuzzy socks are a great alternative for a gift. There are endless options for these kinds of socks as well. Socks with Christmas theme or colored checkered socks. You can choose any. The variations we get here are out of the box.

14. Tea Mug

Imagine getting up every morning and having your first sip of tea or coffee with a mug saying “your happiness matters”. Don’t this feels so motivating and joyful. This is the best comfort gift that anyone can give as a gift. You can easily make one on your own or can also order from amazon and Etsy very easily. For further motivation you can even look up to Pinterest.

15. Weighted Eye Masks

Sleep is very crucial for individuals who need to focus and maintain healthy mental wellbeing. They enhance relaxation and also helps in prevention of eye darkness. Getting them a comfortable eye mask will help then get the restful sleep that they deserve.

16. Playlists

Everyone loves getting things customized. Even they will love a customized spotify playlist as a gift, but make sure you know their preferences and genres they like. Curating a playlist comes with one thing that noone else can offer- personal memories. Consider more options when choosing a track than just those you already know they’ll enjoy or ones you think they’ll be excited to hear.

17. Concert tickets

This is a best gift for someone who loves music. Like, getting them their favorites’ band concert tickets, or their favorite singer concert tickets, will make them happy and believe me they’ll be surely surprised. If you want to keep the suspense, don’t give them the tickets till the day of the show. And see their reaction.

18. Subscriptions

If you are looking to give a virtual gift, this is a great pick. There are many platform these days like Disney+, Netflix, amazon prime, who offers the option of gift subscription. They’re affordable and also deduct the charges according to the recipiet’s wishes.

19. Meditation course

The practice of guided meditation is a wonderful way to unwind and can be helpful for reducing stress. Consider enrolling your mother or your dearest friend in a meditation class so they can learn helpful methods to help them achieve inner peace while practicing meditation at home.

20. Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Studies show, just being in the presence of indoor and outdoor plants improves your mental health. Houseplants enhance air quality, which can enhance our cognitive function. This is crucial for those who spend their days indoors. Also, giving plants as a gift symbolizes that you’re wishing them good luck and that you care about them.

In The End

Summing up, everyone loves receiving gifts. They love it more when they are going through tough times and are having mental ill health. You giving them a single gift can drastically improve their mood. Don’t forget to pick gifts that you know your friend will adore but might not buy for themselves. You can make it unique in this way. Use these creative and enjoyable self-care ideas to show your friends and your loved ones how much you care.

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