Everything About The Yarchagumba Whisky

Yarchagumba whisky is something everyone needs to know about! We doubt there is just anyone that does not know about Yarchagumba and its benefits. Yarchagumba is a legendary medicinal herb that comes from an altitude of 4000-5000 meters. Its other name is Cordyceps Sinensis. The miraculous herb is beneficial to people with many medicinal conditions. It also helps to boost metabolism. The medicinal fungus has been promoted for many years all around the world for its benefits.

It is also one of the costliest fungi of all time. Regardless of its various benefits, Yarchagumba is very rare. It is not easy to find Yarchagumba easily as it is found only at the highest altitude in the mountain region of Nepal. However, have you ever heard of a liquor made out of this phenomenal plant? If not, this new whisky is just for you to try!

What is Yarchagumba Whisky?

Not every liquor is here to give you health disadvantages. You can drink Yarchagumba whisky and gain only the best of benefits from it. Everest Herbs Processing was established in 1997. Laxman Shrestha, the founder of Everest Herbs Processing and the man has mastered the art of creation with his company that specializes in everything yarchagumba. The company focuses on producing Yarchagumba products but the production has been more focused on Yarchagumba whisky as of now. Even more impressive is the initiative of a Nepali brand to come up with something so innovative that it becomes a game-changer for the Nepalese commercial market.

Although the presence of this fungus-based industry had always been there for over two decades, people are starting to develop a keen interest in discovering something new in the present time. Yarchagumba whisky is more of a medicinal drink than it is harmful. The emphasis has always been given to providing people with the best medicinal benefits along with taste. The Yarchahumba beverage is an organic wheat alcohol brewed with a Yarchagumba base and mixed with multiple other herbs and ENA.

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The makers like to call this beverage the Y-beverage. Over 25 years of expertise in whisky production has surely given the company a big benefit when it comes to earning profit while also gaining as much popularity as they possibly can. Moreover, Everest Herbs Processing is the only company that has been producing Yarchagumba whisky not just in Nepal but all around the world. This beverage is available in two different variations of 750 ml each. Golden Sapphire consists of 40% alcohol and Blue Sapphire consists of 28.5% alcohol. While the golden beverage has already been promoted and launched in the international market, the makers are yet to launch the blue alternative in the international market. However, Goenka claims that he is planning to launch the blue beverage in the international market soon enough.

This is by far one of the most innovative ways through which people have been able to explore something different and new in the Nepalese market itself. Moreover, the exports have been just as successful in garnering the best customer base abroad as well. This Yarchagumba drink is capable of healing over 100 diseases which makes it an all-the-better alternative for any other alcoholic drink. Now the consumer really does not have to prioritize just his enjoyment but also his health. Yarchagumba beverage is here to give its consumers the best of both worlds!

Growth of the company

The company had a hard time flourishing in its initial days regardless of the benefits of the drink. Moreover, the beverage was not as popular back then as it is now. The overall growth of the company was nothing but a road down hardships and struggles. Firstly, the drink was a little too expensive and the producers found it hard to even afford something that cost Rs. 80,000 per kg. The customer base that was meant to be targeted did not meet the expectations of the producers either. Ironically, the 2015 earthquake led to more struggle as the company had to come to a halt temporarily.

Bisu Goenka, Executive Managing Director, says that their company does not want to lose something so special that Nepal can produce and export. It is true that the exporting market in Nepal isn’t very wide. Hence, the beverage has surely proven to be fruitful in bridging the economical gaps in the country.

Everyone from Nepal, India, USA, and Belgium who has tried the Y beverage has loved it. Only the finest ingredients make this well-formulated whisky. The company has been able to cater to a large customer base due to this. The Yarchagumba base in this whisky is capable of healing diseases and conditions like Asthma and cancer. Likewise, the active ingredients in the whisky help in increasing kidney functions as well. Furthermore, the properties in this beverage help in providing its consumers with an anti-aging effect, improved immune system, increased stamina, better cardiovascular function, ability to fight diabetes, improve lung and liver function, cure impotence, and combat infertility in women.

Yarchagumba Whisky Cost and Availability

Needless to say, the whisky is a little bit on the costlier side. But many liquor shops and eCommerce websites and apps have made it easier to find this drink. Now, the drink is just a click away. You can order the drink from the comfort of your home!

Online as well as physical stores. Buy the product here:

Cheers-  Cheers Nepal

Liquor World –  Liquor World

Daraz – Daraz

Gyapu – Gyapu

LiquorsNepal – LiquorsNepal

Likewise, foreign consumers can easily find the drink from the official site of DanMurphys.

DanMurphys – DanMurphys.

As for the price of the drink, it costs a consumer Rs. 11,000 in Nepal and US $94.83 for International customers. Although the Yarchagumba drink may seem expensive for new customers, it is a total deal if you want to get the best from an alcoholic beverage. The price should not be a bother considering all the benefits that it provides.

If you want to enjoy it as much as you want to take care of your health, this Yarchagumba whisky should be your new go-to beverage. You get the best of both worlds with the aid of this beverage.

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