How can I get a Canada visa from Nepal?

Canada has always opened people with high-quality education, an adequate lifestyle, a friendly society, and open arms. This is the reason why many people are applying for Canada visas from Nepal. Just a few years ago, the number was very low but now many Nepalese go to Canada in more significant numbers. If you are also one of those people who are planning to go to Canada for work or travel or study and wondering how you can easily get a Canada visa from Nepal, then here in this article you will get a whole package of things you need and need to do to get a Canada visa from Nepal. Read till the end!

Eligibility Required When Applying For A Canada Visa From Nepal

If you are applying for a Canada visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a legal and not expired valid passport
  • Be in good health
  • Should have no criminal records
  • Convince the immigration officer that you have planned your job and have someone to help you there
  • Convince him/her that you will return to your home country once the expiration of your visit

How Can I Apply For A Canada Visa From Nepal?


First, you need to download the visa application form. Then fill it out electronically. Hand-written forms are not accepted.

Step #2

Print the filled document on white, bond-quality, non-glossy paper, using a laser printer.

Remember the 2D barcode in your form should be clearly printed. If not your application may be rejected.

Step #3

Read the Privacy Policy and fill out the attached consent form. Attach the filled form with your printed application form.

Step #4

The next step is to book an appointment to fill up your ‘biometric information.


  • If you are applying for a temporary resident visa, study, or work permit, you will need to give biometrics once every 10 years.
  • But, If you are applying for a permanent resident visa, you will need to give biometrics each time you apply.

Step #5

After you have completed filling up your application form, you will need to pay for the visa application fee. While paying this you’ll need to pay the Government of Canada Fee and Biometric Fee both.

Step #6

According to the type of your purpose of visit, you will need to get a medical examination just like you need to do for getting a US visa.

Conditions to get a medical examination to get a Canadian visa:

  • If you are going to Canada for work purposes, a medical examination is required,
  • Similarly, If you are applying for a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa,
  • If you have resided or stayed for six or more months temporarily in Canada,

You can even check if you need to get a medical exam or not from here.

After checking, if it shows you need to get a medical examination, then you need to bring the following items on the day of your medical examination:

  1. Original valid passport,
  2. “MEDICAL REPORT- CLIENT BIODATA AND SUMMARY” from Canadian Immigration and Citizenship,
  3. If you are a pregnant or possibly pregnant applicant, you need a document to certify your pregnancy,
  4. Applicants with serious medical conditions should bring a medical report with detailed information noting treatment,
  5. “Mother and child book” (if available) for children 6 years old and under.
  6. Glasses or contact lenses (if you wear them). Please remember correct vision must be better than 0.5, 20/40, or 6/12 in the better eye,
  7. If you have any vaccination records, you need to bring that.

Step #7

The next step is to be ready for the interview. Normally, you will have to go through two screening interviews which will be over quickly. Later in this article, we will provide you with some tips on giving interviews as well.

Documents required for Canada Visa

Here are the documents required for a Canada Visa from Nepal:

  • Your valid passport
  • Appropriate Canada visa application form
  • Proof of paid Canada visa fees
  • Proof of clean criminal record
  • Proof of being in good health through a medical exam attesting to your fitness to travel in Canada
  • Proof of financial means
  • The Latest clicked passport-sized photos in accordance with the photo requirements for a Canada visa
  • Identity and Civil status documents
  • A cover letter that should specify the purpose of your travel to Canada
  • Letter of invitation to Canada
  • Proof that you will return to your home country once the visa expires

Proof of financial support?

You must provide proof of financial support in order to prove that you can stay in Canada and fund your studies (if you are a student on a student Canada visa). Some of the documents you need to show during this process are:

  • Bank statements for at least the past 4 months
  • If you are granted any financial aid or scholarships, you need to show proof that the funding is pain within Canada,
  • Proof of education loan from the bank,

Supporting documents that are needed if you are applying for a student visa

  1. A copy of your previous mark sheets and transcripts
  2. A copy of the English language proficiency certificate

Supporting documents that are needed if you are applying for a tourist visa

  1. Sponsorship letter from a Nepali citizen addressed to the Embassy of Nepal, Ottawa.
  2. A copy of the citizenship certificate of the sponsor

Visa Fees Required When Applying For Canada Visa From Nepal

According to the Embassy of Nepal, Ottawa, the visa fees required when applying for a Canada visa from Nepal are:

Type Of VisaFees in CADFees in NPR
Student Visa$150.0015,000
Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (15 days)$45.004,500
Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (30 days)$70.007,000
Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (90 days)$180.0017,500
Work permit (including extensions)$155.0015,500
Work permit (including extensions, group)$465.0045,200
An open work permit holder$100.0010,000
Fees that are required when applying for a Canada visa from Nepal

Application Processing Time

Normally, After you have submitted your biometrics to the IRCC with your visa application, it will take around 8 weeks to receive your valid visa.

Canada Visa Acceptance Rate Nepal

7 years ago, Canada was not a prime destination for work or travel, or study from Nepal. But, after covid, when Canada changes its policies to increase the number of international students in their country, the visa application rate and the approval rate rose drastically. From the latest survey done by Applyboard, through the middle of 2022, Nepal has already reached 89% of its 2021 visa approval rate. This applies to student visas.

Because Canada offers the same high-quality education and lifestyle to people, more Nepalese are inclined to this country nowadays. This is the reason, the share of Nepali students studying at the college level has increased from 31% to 51% in just two years from 2020 to 2022. Similarly, the approval rate of visas has reached 61% to 71 % respectively from 2021 to 2022.

Tips For Successful Visa Interview

Although a Visa interview is the last step for getting a Canadian visa, it is considered equally important as other steps. Each year many people apply for Canada visas, but only some are selected and many are rejected. Why does this happen? The key lies in acing the Visa Interview. Here’s how you can do it too.

First Interview: This is about the official documents

Questions you will be asked:

  • Are you in a good health?
  • Are you traveling with your family?
  • Does the family member traveling with you have proper travel documents?
  • How long do you plan to stay in Canada?
  • How much money do you have with you?
  • Have you traveled to Canada before? If yes, Were you asked to leave?
  • What are you going to study there?
  • Why do you choose this university?
  • Why Canada?
  • Who is sponsoring you?

Second Interview: This is about the goods you’ll bring

Questions you will be asked:

  • Are you bringing any animals or plants with you?
  • Are you bringing any endangered plants with you?
  • Do you have fresh fruits or vegetables with you?

How can I ace my Visa Interview?

Here are some things you need to consider before answering the questions asked by the visa officer:

  • Practice the conversation you might have beforehand in ENGLISH,
  • Don’t lie and give false statements
  • Review your financial plans, and budgets and estimates expenses,
  • Do detailed research on the university you’ll attend, the city you will stay in, the academic institution and your program,
  • Be confident, don’t panic, and give your best

Summing Up

The visa success rate for Canada from Nepal is comparatively higher than the success rate for other countries. But, this doesn’t mean you will get a guaranteed one. That’s why if you want to increase your visa success rate for Canada from Nepal, you need to make sure that you follow the visa application process thoroughly. Just follow all the steps listed above. This will significantly increase the possibility of you getting the visa.

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Is Canada visa better than a USA visa?

Generally, if you want an overall safe and secure life then certainly Canada visa is better for you.

How much is the living cost in Canada?

A family of four estimated monthly cost is $3,248 (CAD 4,363) without rent. Single-person estimated monthly costs are $903 (CAD 1,213) without rent.

How can I track my application status?

You can easily track the status of your application through “Track Your Application“.