Mobile App Development Cost in Nepal | Explained For Business

Everyone knows what mobile apps are. Most of the people who use mobiles are also familiar with mobile apps. There are many mobile apps that have taken over the world and the developers have been earning just as much revenue from their apps.

However, if you are a beginner and want to know how you can develop mobile apps in Nepal, this article is for you.

What are mobile apps?

Mobile apps refer to a software applications developed specifically for use on wireless computing devices otherwise known as portable devices like cell phones, tablets, etc. There are different types of mobile apps that can be classified into hybrid, native, and mobile web. Mobile apps give their user a way by which they can make use of what is already present in their devices like cameras, contact lists, GPS, phone calls, accelerometers, compasses, etc.

In order to make mobile apps work, the phone unwraps the package and maps the content out onto the storage of the phone. This helps in running the app successfully after being downloaded.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is not a new term to anyone belonging to this generation. Whatsoever, it is not very easy to develop mobile apps. Mobile app development is one of the most profitable parts of the technology business in Nepal. Making a flexible, relevant, and secure mobile app is necessary for any mobile app development company. You have to be a professional in developing mobile apps if you want to grow as a developer. For this, you have to make sure that you are familiar with all the necessary details of mobile app development.

Mobile app development refers to a set of processes that involves writing software, and wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and other hand-held devices. It only takes one to think out of the box and come up with an innovation that no one has come up with before to become a mobile app developer. While developing apps did not really have a wide market in the past, the world has been increasing its potential for the people who are willing to make efforts in creating the best of apps. The more people are becoming familiar with mobile apps, the smaller the world is becoming.

And by this, we mean the world is only progressing more with every passing day.

Mobile App Development Cost In Nepal

There are many app developers in Nepal who are doing their best to increase the sales of their apps. Mobile apps are likely to make mobile data faster. But how exactly do you develop mobile apps in Nepal? And, how much does it cost you? These remain some of the most important questions for many people who are looking to develop a mobile app.

Well, for your information, mobile app development cost ranges from Rs. 8,000 and above in Nepal. The range of prices varies as per the needs and criteria that are covered by the apps. The cost of UI/UX design comes to Rs.8,000 for simple applications. Likewise, converting the looks and feels of the app into something premium mostly costs you Rs. 20,000. Developing the Backends and Functionalities of the app is likely to increase the cost to Rs. 40,000.

Furthermore, testing and QA are necessary to maintain the quality of the app which costs you Rs. 30,000. Maintenance and support for your app are going to cost you up to Rs. 12,000 annually. Not just this, you have to pay extra to publish your apps on Appstore and Playstore. the price varies from one another. For Playstore, you will have to pay USD $25 while for Appstore, you will have to pay $99 per app. Do not limit your knowledge to just these costs though.

In order to build an eCommerce app in Nepal, you have to pay an estimated cost of Rs.1.5 lakh for both Android and IOS. Likewise, food delivery and user-friendly apps are likely to cost you Rs. 2.5 Lakhs. There are many apps that have been running under these costs that have also proven to be a success like Pathao, Foodmandu, Daraz, etc. These apps have substantially grown with time and people are seeking more of these apps in the upcoming days. All it took for these app developers was to take a chance into converting their dreams into realities.

Here is a price list of all the apps you might consider developing:

Type of Mobile AppApproximate CostDevelopment Time
Social Chat App  or Social Media App20 Lakh – 25 Lakh2-6 months
eLearning App 1 Lakh – 2.5 Lakh2-8 months
Fintech App1 Lakh – 2.5 Lakh2-6 months
Healthtech App1 Lakh – 2.5 Lakh2-6 months
Food Aggregator App2 Lakh – 4.5 Lakh1-4 months
Enterprise App1 Lakh – 2.5 Lakh3-8 months
Mobile Games2 Lakh – 4 Lakh2-7 months
Mobile Commerce App1 Lakh – 2.5 Lakh1-7 months
Media Streaming App50 Thousand – 1 Lakh1-6 months
Cab Booking App3 Lakh – 5.5 Lakh2-6 months
Multi-vendor e-commerce App50 Thousand – 5 lakh 2-6 months
E-Commerce App20 Thousand – 50 Thousand 1 month
News portal App20 Thousand – 50 Thousand 1 month
Tourism Apps 20 Thousand – 50 Thousand 1 month
School College App 20 Thousand – 50 Thousand 1 month
Gold Silver Rate App 10 Thousand – 50 Thousand 1 month
Informative App 20 Thousand – 30 Thousand 1 month
Online TV/ Radio App30 Thousand – 1 lakh1 month

The prices mostly vary from one another but you will surely find the list helpful. All these apps will generate profit for your next software venture. Keep in mind that each type of app has its own potential and the sales of these apps will vary as per the usage rate of the users. While working as a developer in Nepal, it is important that you do your research well. Make a list of objectives you want to achieve before you develop your app and lastly make your research accordingly and go ahead to find the right company. Voila!

Mobile App Development Companies In Nepal

There aren’t a lot of companies in Nepal that facilitates app development service. However, you surely have a few companies to choose from if you really want to develop a proper app in your country. Here is a list of some amazing companies that will facilitate mobile app developers:

  1. EasyAccess
  2. Marketing In Nepal
  3. Genesis Web Technology
  4. Delta Tech
  5. Kantipur Infotech


Make sure to check them out if you want to develop an app of your own. Success is just a click away. It is important that you know the potential of what the modern world has to offer. While a person is developing an app, there are a number of people who are taking good advantage of what they are provided with. It impresses us how many people tend to make the best out of every opportunity with their creativity and innovation.

It is just as important to realize that creativity and importance are going to cost you a lot less than what it is going to return to you. Developing a mobile app will surely facilitate you by giving you the best revenue and fame (if your app is up to the mark with people’s needs). There aren’t many people who are going to believe in something so innovative in a developing country like Nepal. However, it is about time to realize that Nepal is a country of great potential. It is important to take examples from the apps that have developed as a brand all around the country whether it is a food delivery app, eCommerce app, commuting app, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which app is used most in Nepal?

As of the present time, Persona: AI Camera is the most used app in Nepal.

Which is the most popular app made in Nepal?

Hamro Patro is the most popular app made in Nepal.

How much does it cost to make an app in Nepal?

It costs approximately Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 15,00,000 to make an app in Nepal.