10 Best Things To Do in Bhaktapur | A Complete Guide

Bhaktapur is one of the most interesting cultural capitals of Nepal. The history of Bhaktapur, one of Nepal’s most intriguing cultural centers, dates back to the eighth century. Bhaktapur’s rich cultural legacy includes imposing ancient temples, exquisite durbars, a fusion of northern and southern mythology, and age-old arts, architecture, and lifestyles. As a result, from site seeing to shopping to taking short hikes, there are many top things to do in Bhaktapur that you may choose from.

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10 Best Things To Do in Bhaktapur

1. Cultural site seeing

Cultural site seeing

Cultural site in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is one of the culturally blessed places in Nepal. It is rich in its places and temples which hold very important cultural significance in the history of Nepal. The temples here are worth to visit for and are even listed as a world heritage site. Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Changu Narayan Temple are the main tourist attraction of this region. Despite this, several monuments such as the Nyatopola temple, 55 window palace, and the Statue of King Bhupatindra Malla are worth seeing while you site around Bhaktapur.

2. Short hikes

Hiking Trail

Bhaktapur Hiking Trail

Here, you have the option of going trekking alone or with your family and friends. You can pass via Changu Narayan Temple on the Nagarkot hiking path. While giving you a look at the hills and Kathmandu valley behind the Himalayas, this does make you feel exhausted. But it’s worth it.  Ranikot, Ashapuri, Doleshwor Temple, Kalamasi Lake, and others are other hiking destinations in Bhaktapur.

3. Poetry in pottery


Pottery Pots

This place of Nepal also well-known for its magnificent ceramic artwork. The Pottery Square, where you can find money pots (Khutruke), diyos (traditional clay bowls used to light a fire in the Tihar festival), miniature statues, and more, is reached after a short stroll south from Taumadhi Square. So, it is easy to locate on a map. However, in addition to the numerous thanka painting shops, you can also see how the aforementioned items are made. This is the most do experience in Bhaktapur.

4. Evening walks


Evening in Bhaktapur

Want to go on a romantic evening walk, then Bhaktapur is the one. Although you cannot enter the durbar at night, you can enjoy walking around the durbar area at night too. Since the campaign “Visit Nepal 2020”, this is open for every one of you. Also, I recommend you not to miss the sunset view here.

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5. JuJu Dhau

JuJu Dhau

Making of JuJu Dhau

Bhaktapur is best known for its JuJu Dhau. JuJu Dhau is speciality of Bhaktapur. As the name suggests, JuJu Dhau is the king of yogurt. From Dattatreya Square, take the winding walkway to Bolache, where you can order Juju Dhau. This sweet and tasty dessert is served in mud bowls(clay pots) made in the pottery square. Since yogurt has a long history in Nepali tradition and rituals, Nepalese go crazy about it.  It is also eaten as a lucky food just before leaving the house. For significant occasions, a fresh container of yogurt is placed by the entrances since many people think it brings luck.

6. Shopping


Local Shops in Bhaktapur

Want to buy unique items to buy? Well, Well, Well, Bhaktapur is the perfect place for that. It is a shopping hub that has a very unique collection of items and antique pieces in Nepal. You can purchase items such as clay crafts, carpets, handmade Nepali clothing, Haku patas (a typical Newari attire with a red border on a black sari), thangka paintings, Dhaka topis, and many other things. The fact that you can bargain is the best aspect of this. Doesn’t it seem exciting?

7. Seeing museums

Museum in Bhaktapur

Inside view of museum in Bhaktapur

If you’re in Bhaktapur, then trust me guys you need to go visit museums. There are in total of three prominent famous museums in Bhaktapur. They are The wood carving museum, Brass and Bronze Museum, and National art museum. The wood carving museum is best known for its peacock window whereas the brass and bronze museum is best known for its good collection of metalware and ancient housewares. Similarly, The national art museum has pieces of stone carvings and manuscripts as well as a very fine collection of thanga. If you are an art lover you need to visit there once.

8. Trying famous foods



When wandering around the streets of Bhaktapur you will find nameless shops which serve famous Newari snacks and dishes. The main item served is Bara, also called Newari pancakes or Wo, made from black or green lentil. This is served either plain or with eggs or meat. If you want to try it, just look for signboards that say “wo is served here”, and grab yourself one.

9. Wood carving

Wood carving

Man carving wood

The shop owners in Bhaktapur are kind enough to teach wood carvings to anyone who asks for them. You can make your own customized rings or any show pieces you like. Some of the owner charge fees ranging from $10. Likewise, They have a small workshop area which is given access to anyone who wants to do wood carving.

10. Making of Nepali paper

Nepali paper

Woman making Nepali paper

Nepali paper is typically made from the Lokta plant and is wildcrafted, handmade artisan paper indigenous to Nepal. This paper store can be found down Puraji Math’s side, close to Peacock Window. The 2015 earthquake severely damaged the paper workshop, although it is now operational. You can get some high-quality Nepali paper goods as well as observe the papermaking process.

In The End

Besides, the things listed above you can even go to some cooking classes, and yoga classes, have a private site seeing tour, or even enjoy the jatras occurring there. You can also visit Kumari Ghar and see The living goddess Kumari of Nepal. So, whenever you are in Bhaktapur, don’t miss those activities out.

Have a nice day!

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What is the old name of Bhaktapur?

The ancient name of Bhaktapur is Khwopa, Khworping, or Bhadgaun.

When was Bhaktapur unified by King Prithivi Narayan Shah?

King Prithivi Narayan Shah unified Bhaktapur in 1769.

How many kumaris are there in Nepal?

Mainly, there is three kumari in Nepal- Kumari of Patan, Kathmandu, and Bhaktapur.