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What is WINTER for you? What do you imagine when you first hear “winter”? and what comes to your mind? sweater, sun, socks, big puffy jackets, right? Sure winter is all of this, but for me, winter is all about warm food. Winter feels like hibernating, laying in bed being warm, and skipping gym (if you’re a fitness freak). If you feel this too, then you’re not alone my friend. With the change in weather and season, your food preference, metabolism, and even energy change drastically during winter. That’s why, you always search for food to warm yourself but also you want that food to warm and be healthy, right? I know it’s kind of hard to get but don’t worry my friend, I’m here to help you out with that. Want to take a look at the food to warm yourself this winter? Here you go. Read till the end !!!

Foods to warm yourself this winter(healthy)

Our bodies want warm, nourishing foods that are rich in calories during the winter. For this urge to be sated, we require warming meals. Any vegetable that requires time to develop and whose edible portion grows below the ground’s surface is often warming and suitable for winter use. A few nuts, oilseeds, and dry fruits (like dates), as well as some nuts, are also warming. Additionally, you might want to eat more spices during this time of year than during the summer. But it’s not limited to this only.

Here are some foods to warm yourself this winter and obviously HEALTHY!


Hot piping soup

Having soups in winter is no new for us. It is a perfect typical winter food that warms you in winter. During the winter, soup is a fantastic way to remain warm, cut calories, and maintain a nutritious intake. If you prepare soup properly, it provides a lot of health advantages. To acquire the greatest flavor from this dinner, you should stay away from cream, beef soup, and excessive amounts of salt. You should look for meals with a lot of vegetables and water as the base. You’ll feel revitalized after eating a hot bowl of soup with some vegetables and chicken broth. You can have whole-grain crackers with your soup.

Hot Beverages

Ginger Tea

As the winter approaches, many people reach for hot drinks to keep the chill alive. Hot beverages are far more comforting when you’re feeling cold and is taken as most prefered food to wam in winter. You can try ginger tea, lemon tea with cinnamon, coffee, or anything hot that you love. It not only makes you relaxed but also it will actively encourage you to stay hydrated with greater success rates.



Warm spices that include mustard, asafoetida (hing), black pepper, fenugreek, ajwain, and suva (dill) seeds helps you in warming yourself in winter. Winter coughs and flu can be effectively treated with mustard, ajwain, and suva seeds, which also stimulate the appetite and digestive system and improve blood circulation. Likewise, this aids to make food more tasty as well. Bone and joint problems, which are more prevalent in the winter, can be greatly helped by methi (dry or sprouted). A powerful anti-microbial immunity booster, turmeric, especially the fresh, golden-yellow variety (which resembles ginger), is used in cooking.



Don’t worry herbs can be tasty and healthy at the same time too. Herbs like basil (tulsi) can boost immunity and offer protection from colds, fever, and other illnesses. Ginger is incredibly warming, both in its fresh and dried forms. Ginger can be used in tea, dals, and vegetables, as well as sliced ginger with lime and salt as a traditional side dish. The winter chills can be effectively treated by preparing dry ginger powder into miniature ladoos with jaggery and ghee.

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Easy tasty oatmeal

Were you the child who, when told to eat oatmeal for breakfast, would flee? Well, no need to be embarassed because I was the one too. Many people are unaware that you may experiment with it by adding different flavors and topping with various fruits, despite the fact that they are healthful and provide warmth. When lazy to make breakfast oatmeal can be a convenient option as they contain good amounts of zinc necessary to build immunity and fiber. Include oatmeal to make your lazy winter breakfast active.

Fish, Egg and Chicken

Fish, Egg and Chicken

Protein rich foods such as fish, egg and chicken are not only tasty, mouth watering but also are full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Flish like salmon is a great source of vitamin D that boosts your calcium level in teeth and bones and increases energy and mental focus as well.


Jhol Momo

Steaming hot momos is all what you need in this season. This piping hot momos is the most demanded food in the winter season. As there are numerous veggies that may be used to stuff momos, you could also try using mushrooms. It is not only delicious but also healthy because mushrooms are considered to be high in protein. Cooking also goes quite quickly.


Different types of Nuts

As a warming, filling, and rich source of vitamin E, B-complex, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, copper, fluoride, zinc, calcium, selenium, and healthy proteins, nuts are a popular wintertime food. So make nutritious nuts and seeds (either whole or ground into nut butter) a part of your wintertime diet.

Winter health tips

With winter comes the chances of having cold and the chances of getting sick. Many are unknown about the fact that winter increases the chances of infection as most of them like to be enclosed in spaces for longer time. So, if you want to enjoy christmas and enjoy winter fully without getting sick then here are some tips you need to follow:

  • Wear three layers of clothes inside, inner one that doesn’t absorb moisture, middle layer which is good with insluation, and outer layer that will protect you from rain, wind and sun.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Warm up your muscles, legs befor you start exercising
  • Reduce intake of alcohols as alcohols lowers the body’s ability to retain heat.
  • Try to get better sleep

Final thoughts on foods to warm yourself this winter

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments”. Investments is not always about money sometimes it’s about yourself as well. Having healthy and nutritionous food not only helps you to balance serotonin but also calms your brain cells and makes you warm. So, don’t forget to try the foods listed above because you don’t want this winter to be boring, right?

Happy winter!!!

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What foods should I avoid?

Certain type of foods might not be good for your body. Try avoiding foods such as foods with artificial colors, sugars and refined carbohydrates.

What medicinal herbs is good for your health?

Herbs such as Jatamasi, Bojho, Ghodtapre, Tulsi, lemongrass is very benificial for your health.