Top 10 Places to Visit in Nepal During Winter Season

Winter is coming. Right outside our door lies December, the month of the year in Nepal that brings with it tolerable cold, sunny skies, and breathtaking vistas of the snow-covered mountains. Nepal has always been a popular travel destination for tourists from all over the world, whether they are looking for a breathtaking high mountain or a breathtaking low land plain field. Our country is rich for its adventurous destinations all around the world. Thus, It has a lot of beautiful places to visit even during the winter season. So, If you’re searching for some best places to visit during winter in Nepal. Then you’ve landed at the right place.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Places to Visit in Nepal During Winter Season. Read till the end!!!

Top 10 Places to Visit in Nepal During Winter Season

1. Nagarkot

Avail a new experience with natural beauty visit Nagarkot

Mountain view in Nagarkot

The little village of Nagarkot is situated in Nepal’s heartland. Its stunning view of the Himalayas has made it famous. Many different butterfly species can be seen there. The distance from this place to Kathmandu, the capital, is about 32 kilometers (20 mi). The majority of the mountain ranges can be seen from this location throughout the winter, which is a fantastic perk of visiting this town. If the weather is agreeable and the sky is clear, Nagarkot offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Nagarkot, which is close to Kathmandu and a great place to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is nearby. Nagarkot, which is adjacent to the Kathmandu valley, is one of the best spots to visit in Nepal during the winter.

2. Poon Hill

Construction of public toilets begins in Pun Hill for convenience of tourists | Ratopati | No.1 Nepali News Portal

View in Poonhill

Poon Hill is another fantastic location in Nepal to visit in December. This location is ideal if you wish to go on a quick hike in Nepal. For all the right reasons, travelers who love photography favor Poon Hill. This place is a must-see in the winter because of the thick covering of snow and tolerable cold weather. Along with the surrounding natural beauty and stunning frozen views, you can also savor their delectable gastronomy, which features a lovely fusion of national traditions. You can engage in pursuits like hiking, photography, camping, and sightseeing here.

3. Mardi Himal Base Camp

Mardi Himal Trek, Short Trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp

Stunning Mountain view during Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Base Camp is situated at the base of Mardi Himal. During this trip over narrow, winding roads through verdant woods and the Rocky Mountains, you can take in the breathtaking vistas of the Mardi Himal, Machapuchre, Hiuchuli, and Annapurna, which are guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. You can visit Nepal in the winter at this location thanks to the pleasant weather and a manageable level of route complexity. If you want to travel with friends or family this winter, the Annapurna Circuit Trek or the Everest Base Camp Trek are better options than this less popular route.

4. Kalinchowk

Best Time to Visit Kalinchowk, Kalinchowk Snowfall Time

Snow covered with snow

This place in Nepal is famous among trekkers and is located in the Dolakha district of Nepal. This little town at a high elevation is a winter hideaway and is the best destination to visit if you want to observe mountains and snow closely. You can engage in both unique sightseeing activities and light adventure activities at this location. On the other side, pilgrimage activities are also well-known at this location. Here, you can trek, hike, camp, enjoy the sunset from the Kalinchowk temple or even try a local millet brew named Jhwaikhattey.

5. Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek: A Guide For An Adventurous Trek

Rara Lake

Rara is Nepal’s biggest freshwater lake located in the Mugu district. Of course, despite the fact that it is relatively distant from Kathmandu, it is worth visiting. You may take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to explore this gorgeous location, or you can take a long bus ride, but it might be uncomfortable. On your journey, though, you’ll see a wide variety of plant and animal species in addition to some stunning sights. Rara Lake is the ideal location for trekking for nature enthusiasts, explorers, and adrenaline addicts who are constantly looking for new terrains to explore.

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6. Bandipur

Houses in Bandipur

Located in the Tanahun district of Nepal, Bandipur is another famous tourist destination to visit during the winter season. he maintained the vintage cultural ambiance of this location is its main claim to fame. Bandipur has been traveling to attend lately for this purpose. There are several activities you may engage in there, including exploring Gorkha Bazaar and Sidda Gufa, the largest cave in Nepal.

7. Chisapani

View from Chisapani

Many people recommend the trek to Chisapani Gadi during winter. It is one of the best trekking destinations for winter in Nepal given the short trekking distance from Kathmandu. Its treating routes is mostly famous for the panoramic views it offers of the snow-clad mountains and the beautiful villages with lush green terrace. A fun fact is that if the weather is fine and clear during the hike you can even view the whole Kathmandu valley. The fact that this site is an entrance to the Annapurna range is its best feature. Therefore, going to Pokhara gives you a fantastic opportunity to conveniently explore the well-known hike destination.

8. Kakani

Kakani Hiking - Day hike to Kakani

View seen during the hike to Kakani

If you are someone who loves quite a place and is always looking for less crowded destinations, then Kakani is for you. Comparatively speaking, this location is quieter and less busy than other tourist destinations. People frequently like making the trip to the valley’s edge to see the Himalayas up close and in detail. It is located in central Nepal’s Nuwakot district. You may take a quick trek around this charming hillside community, see strawberry farms, and sample the local food, fresh cheese, as well as other specialties. When visiting Nepal in the winter, we advise first-time travelers to visit Kakani.

9. Pokhara

The 10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal during Winter - Tusk Travel

The winter season in Pokhara lasts for nearly 2-6 months and this time is regarded as the best time to visit Pokhara. The temperature in Pokhara can drop to zero degrees celsius during the winter. The winter months from November to March offer you comfortable weather for sightseeing in the area, free from rain and freezing temperatures. You will definitely love this place if you love adventures.

10. Mustang


The village covered with snow in winter

The ideal place to experience traditional activities and people’s distinctively rich lifestyles are Mustang. Generally speaking, lower winter is more favored by winter tourists than upper winter. From August to the beginning of winter, tourists are known to travel to the Mustang region, where they may take in a variety of regional events, including the well-liked Tiji festival. When visiting Mustang in the winter, you can go trekking, camping, hiking, seeing holy sites, taking a jeep trip over the mountains, and other things.

In The End

Nepal has its own unique means of attracting tourists, including bungee jumping and well-known trekking locations. Because there are so many places to visit in Nepal during the winter season if you consider yourself to be one of those people who like seeing new places while traveling, make a plan to come here. But make sure to bring warm clothes to save you from the cold.


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Is Nepal very cold in winter?

It is indeed very cold in winter in Nepal. The temperature can even drop down to 12 degrees Celcius covering the entire surrounding with white snow and cold breeze.

Is a passport compulsory if I want to visit Nepal?

A passport is not required for Indian citizens to visit Nepal. However, you might need to present certain documents at Nepalese immigration, including a ration card with a photo, an election commission card, a driver’s license, and a Pan card.