How can I get an Australian visa from Nepal?

Australia is home to some of the greatest universities, companies, and opportunities in the world. So, It is obvious that it provides thousands of different types of visas each year. But it is not easy to obtain it as it seems, that’s why you should actually pay great attention to the requirements, present the required papers, and establish that you are a serious and determined applicant. If you are wondering how can you do that or if you are eligible for it or not or about the documents you need to submit, fees, or the acceptance rate, then you don’t need to worry. In this article, we will drill down to every small detail from documents, fees, and rates, to qualifications that you need to pay close attention to while applying to get an Australian visa from Nepal. Go till the very end!

Qualification Required For an Australian Visa

If you want to apply for a visa to Canada, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Own a genuine, legal passport that has not expired.
  • Maintain good health
  • Should be free of any criminal history
  • Persuade the immigration official that you have a plan for the task ahead of you and that someone will help you.
  • Persuade them that once your visit is over, you’ll be going back to your native nation.

How Do I Apply For An Australian Visa From Nepal?

You can apply for an Australian visa from Nepal through both papers and by making an online account.

If you wish to apply through PAPER, then

Step 1

Click here. This link will take you to the forms you need to fill where you need to select the desired visa type you want to apply for.

Step 2

Print the form and fill it out appropriately.

Step 3

Pay the application fees using ImmiAccount before you submit your application.

Step 4

Send your application with the necessary documents by post or courier to the relevant address. You will get detailed information about the necessary documents in this same article.

But, If you are applying ONLINE, then

Step 1

Create an ImmiAccount. Here you will have to answer:

  • Family name
  • Given name, which is optional
  • Telephone number
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Email address (twice to confirm)

After selecting continue, ImmiAccount will ask you to:

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Choose or select a sentence from the list
  • Enter your answer to the secret questions
  • Set your security alerts, such as email, SMS, etc.

Step 2

After you have successfully made your ImmiAccount. Click on “New application” and fill in the required spaces appropriately.

Step 3

Attach the necessary documents.


  • If you are applying for a single visa, you can attach up to 60 documents only.
  • But, If you are submitting partner visa applications, you can attach up to only 100 documents.

Step 4

The next step is to take a biometrics examination.

The Australian government has set the following rules for the relevant medical examination and/or chest x-ray if you:

  • have applied for medical treatment, provisional visa, or temporary protection
  • expect to experience medical costs
  • intend to work (or intend to study to be) a doctor, dentist, nurse, or paramedic
  • are pregnant and intend to have a baby in Australia
  • planning to work or train at an Australian childcare center
  • are aged over 75 years
  • are at higher risk of tuberculosis
  • have had household contact with tuberculosis previously
  • are asked to do so by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Australia

For other health-related information, you can access it by clicking here.

If you are asked to do a medical examination, you will be obliged to bring:

  • Original valid passport
  • Letter for Biometrics from the Embassy
  • VFS service charge in Demand Draft
  • Application self-present
  • Biometrics appointment

Step 5

Although last, but also the most important stage of your application is your visa interview just like you do when getting a US visa from Nepal and when getting a Canada visa from Nepal You won’t have to worry about what to do with it. Later in this article, you will learn some cool solid tips to master your visa interview.

Documents Needed.

  • Valid Passport
  • Paid visa fee
  • One identity picture
  • National Identity Card
  • Police certificate,
  • Family Certificates
  • Evidence of financial means
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of temporary stay
  • Letter of good conduct from employer (if applicable)

If you are a student applying for a student visa in Australia, you will need to submit the following documents compulsorily:

  • Your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
  • Transcripts and other academics document
  • Work experience documents (if any)
  • Tests results such as IELTS, TOFEL, CAE, PTE, etc.

Police certificates?

While you are applying for an Australian visa, you need to be absolutely clear about your criminal activity. Additionally, you will be asked to submit a police certificate, which will be used as a basis to measure if you fulfill the character requirements which are set by the Australian Immigration Office. Don’t worry to make your search easier, we have provided you with the set of character requirements that you will need to fulfill later in this article as well.

What is GTE?

GTE, Genuine Temporary Entrant, is a personal statement in English of nearly 300 words addressing the personal circumstances for undertaking the proposed study in Australia.

Documents size and format

Among the documents that you submit ONLINE:

  • Identity documents can be up to 500KB each
  • Other documents can be up to 5MB each

Only the following type of files are accepted:

  • .bmp
  • .dcm
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .dot
  • .els
  • .gif
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .jpe
  • .png
  • .ppt/.pptx
  • .rft
  • .txt
  • .xlsx


Character requirements

As said above, you will have to submit a police certificate to check if you fulfill the character requirement guidelines or not. Given below are the character requirements fixed by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs:


  • Don’t have a criminal record
  • Haven’t been convicted of domestic violence
  • Haven’t been subjected to a restraining order as a result of domestic violence
  • Haven’t been accused, convicted, or charged guilty with sexual assault towards a minor
  • Aren’t considered a security risk by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
  • Aren’t subject to an Interpol notice, that may label you as a risk to the Australian Community
  • Aren’t or Haven’t been known as a member of a group or organization that is suspected to be involved in criminal activity
  • Haven’t been convicted of escaping from immigration detention

Fees Required For Applying for An Australian Visa From Nepal

Visa Type Fees in AUD Fees in NPR
Student Visa$65058,000
Visitor Visa(family sponsored)$15013,500
Visitor Visa (Business visitor)$15013,500
Working Visa $51045,500
Student Guardian Visa$65058,000
Dependent Visa (child)$20001,77,000
Permanent Residence Visa(skilled visa)$4,2403,75,000
Fees required for applying for an Australian visa from Nepal

Application Processing Time

Depending on the type of visa, for your application to be completely processed it might take from 1 day(eVisitor) to several months as well.

Australian Visa Acceptance Rate Nepal

The reopening of borders and universities for international students after COVID-19 in Australia has subsequently affected the different types of visa grant volumes, and rates for students, workers, and normal people. Australia has been a major destination for Nepali students for nearly 4 years. In 2016-2020, the visa success rate was relatively very stable, even during the initial impact of the pandemic. But after the pandemic, lockdown, and its reopening, the visa success rate rose to 96.8% in 2021, according to yocket. Similarly, Studies show, that nearly 3 lakhs students were granted the visa for the 2021 intake. The same statistics apply to Nepal as well. Among the 66,000 students applying for Australia, more than 51% of them were from countries like India, China, and Nepal.

According to the government of Nepal data, around 43,537 Nepali students received No Objection Certificates(NOC) to pursue a higher education degree in Australia from mid-February to mid-June 2022. The nation has elevated itself to the top of the list of student destinations for Nepalis. Government figures show that of the 116,595 NOCs granted to Nepali students in the previous fiscal year, 66,636—or more than 57 percent—were awarded to Australia. But these days, Australia has tightened application rules for Nepali students. Researchers say,” Although the number of students applying for a student visa and other types of visa for Australia has skyrocketed in the past 6-7 months, in later coming months the rate is going to significantly decrease due to the difficulties faced because of the strict verification process of GTE requirements”.

Visa Interview: Things To Consider

It is actually mind-boggling when you think about the visa interview. Despite the fact that this is the last stage for getting a visa, there is still a huge possibility that you might be rejected in it. So, to put you at ease, we have listed some tips to help you to master your visa interview.

Questions they might ask:

  • Why Australia?
  • What is the purpose of your trip to Australia?
  • Have you ever traveled to Australia?
  • Why did you choose this college?
  • What are you going to study there and why did you choose that?
  • Are you planning to work part-time in Australia? (for students)
  • Who is going to sponsor you?
  • Who will support you financially?

How the visa officers expect you to do:

  • Be on time for the interview.
  • Be sincere and do not give false information
  • Practice beforehand imagining the situation you might be in and the questions you might be asked
  • Bring all the required documents that you are asked to bring
  • Be confident and don’t panic
  • Also, provide the necessary financial documents

In The End

As a remote yet highly developed country, Australia has captivated many Nepalese people with its unique lifestyle, and warm culture. Likewise, It is also one of the few countries that offer the best experience. So, if you are thinking to go there just go for it. But make sure to not miss any important details about the documents, visa interviews, fees, and eligibility listed above.

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Can I apply for a tourist visa on my own?

No, to get this visa you must have a sponsor (either a family member or an Australian government official) in Australia to apply for this visa.

What stops you from getting an Australian visa?

If you won’t pass the character test, you will not get a visa to enter Australia.