Nepali Patro- An essential platform for the Nepalese community

Did you also miss some important dates and events? Looking for a website to keep your time on track? We got you, my friend! If you have all those issues like missing very important deadlines and events then Nepali Patro is the only solution for you. Want to know more about Nepali Patro? Then go till the end!!

Nepali Patro

Nepali Patro is a multi-functional application introduced in the Nepalese community for a social cause. It is formed by a team of socially conscious, energetic, and young professionals with an enthusiasm to contribute to Nepalese society. This software advertises Nepali holidays, events, and dates in addition to offering calendar functions. The creators of this exquisite program hope that it will serve as more than just a static calendar, but also a tool that allows users to actively participate in Nepalese culture by sharing information about events, organizing them, and publicizing them. The current CEO of Nepali Patro is Santosh Kumar Devkota This program makes use of your Facebook account, saving you from having to go through the time-consuming registration process once more.


Nepali Patro is an application as well as a web portal where you get different services from the latest launched movies to your daily horoscope. You get everything you need in the following categories of Nepali Patro:


You can: 

  • Know dates in Bikram/Vikram Samvat (BS), Anno Domini (AD) & Nepal Samvat
  • Keep track of auspicious Moment / Muhurt & Panchang
  • Add and Manage Your personal & professional events schedule
  • Important Meetings
  • Your Birthday
  • Marriage Anniversary
  • Loaded with Reminder Notification

Astrology Service

You can:

  • Create your free Kundali
  • Consult with our experienced Astrologer (Nominal Price)


In this, you can get news in both Nepali and English medium. The news you get is like this:

  • Breaking News, Flash News, Exclusive News, Editorials
  • Notifications of News from the trustworthy News Sources
  • Latest news from Politics, Entertainment, World, Literature, Sports, Technology, Economics, Lifestyle & more.
  • For You: Get the news from your favorite News Portal only. (Choose the News Sources & Select your favorite categories)
  • Special Sports Coverage: ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Football World Cup, English Premier League & Domestic Cricket, Football, Volleyball Coverage: Everest Premier League (EPL), National League Cricket (Nepal), Shahid Smarak League, Nepal Super League (NSL)


You get to read various blogs related to:

  • Rituals, Spiritual, Cultural & Religious Content (Language: Nepali, English)

Fresh and Updated

This application daily updates the following section of its portal:

  • Daily Forex Rate (official rates by NRB)
  • Daily Bullion (Gold/Silver) Rate
  • Daily, Monthly & Yearly Horoscope
  • Weather


Other than news, calendars, and blogs you get different tools that you need in everyday life:

  • Date Converter
  • AD to BS
  • BS to AD
  • Unit Converter

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Advantages of using Nepali Patro

Originals are always better. Nepali Patro is an authentic application that is built for the Nepalese community. It is built for the youngsters like us who always have a difficult time memorizing all the important Tithis and festivals. It is built for those people who believe in Horoscopes, and astrology and pay daily attention to them. Likewise, It is made for all people who want to know more about our Nepali culture, who want to know the essence of it, the myths behind it and its importance if it. Nepali Patro is protecting our traditions and core.

Nepali Patro|World Cup 2022

The 22nd edition of the Football World Cup will feature 64 matches between 32 teams, and it will be held in Qatar. Qatar will host it from November 20 through December 18, 2022. On Nepali Patro, you can get all the most recent news, commentary, and live text coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Everything on the Qatari teams, fixtures, stadiums, squads, line-up, and in-game action.

Nepali Patro| Election 2079

Nepali Patro in collaboration with has launched an application that includes the latest updates on the representative and provincial assembly elections held on November 4, 2022. This collaboration has been done to provide content for publishing or featuring a website with live data updates of the General Election 2079. This agreement has been reached with the aim of featuring the upcoming election updates on in the Nepali calendar. The main purpose of the agreement is to deliver all the data and live updates related to the election in an effective way among the readers or users. Therefore, many government officials state that they are confident that this collaboration will be successful in providing moment-by-moment updates on each region for the general readers, viewers, listeners, and users.

How can we download it?

In the current scenario, Hamro Patro has more than 5M+ downloads which is a lot for a Nepalese app. If you also want to be a member of this growing community then you can easily download it using the following links:

Google Play: Nepali Patro

If you don’t use an application, you can even access this as a website.

Web: Nepali Patro

Other sites where you can find Nepali Patro:

Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

In The End

Use Nepali Patro once and you won’t regret using it. Don’t waste your time. Grab your phone. Open Google Play Store. Search Nepali Patro and download it right away!!!


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What is called Nepali Calendar?

Nepali Sambat is the lunisolar calendar used in Nepal.

How is the date in Nepal?

YYYY-MM-DD is the official date format for the Bikram Sambat calendar used in Nepal.