Top-10 Famous TikTok Stars of Nepal In 2023

Who doesn’t use TikTok nowadays? You must have heard about TikTok being “genuinely fun to use” and “a refreshing outlier in the social media realm.” With the help of the app TikTok, users can make and share 15-second videos on any subject. TikTok is globally-recognized and users from all over the world use it to create videos. Although the app only lately became prominent in Nepal, many people have risen in popularity into this. Want to know who are they? So, without wasting any time let’s see who are the top 10 most famous TikTok stars of Nepal in 2023. Read till the end!

Top-10 Famous TikTok Stars of Nepal In 2023

Originating from China, TikTok has created a huge fan base in countries including Nepal, India, America, and many others countries. In these countries, TikTok stars are treated as no less than movie stars. Given below are some top 10 Famous TikTok stars of Nepal.

1. Bijaya Baniya

Bijaya Baniya is a Nepali choreographer, Hip-Hop dancer, TikTok star, and social media influencer who came into the limelight through his TikTok videos. He also runs his youtube channel. Currently, he resides in Australia. He has inspired many people through his TikTok and youtube videos. Among his fans, he is popular with the name “Biju”. He is mostly popular for his performance in Sani Narisauna Malai Fakauna. He has even collaborated with various other artists for videos.

TikTok ID: @bijju3210

TikTok Likes: 134.2M

Followers in TikTok: 9.6M

2. Prisma Princy

Inseparable identical twin sisters, Prisma, and Princy Khatiwada are well-known on TikTok for their dancing and lip-sync videos. After they started uploading their content to, where they made a ton of amusing lip-syncs and dance videos, their acting and dancing careers started in 2018. Since then, they have been grabbing the public’s attention with their amusing films.

They are currently among the most well-known social influencers after amassing a sizable fan base in both India and Nepal. These two stunning young women have already received praise for their acting abilities and have starred in a number of music videos. They have even collaborated with several brands and they raise awareness as well.

TikTok ID: @twinny__girls 

TikTok Likes: 96.3M

Followers in TikTok: 7.3M

3. Anju Bhandari

Anju Bhandari is a Nepalese TikTok musician who presently resides in Australia. She began her TikTok journey on May 9, 2018, and since then, she has amassed millions of followers, making her Nepal’s most popular TikTok creator. Likewise, She likes lip-syncing and dancing in funny comedy videos.

She is known for her comedy videos, Bollywood and Nepali song dance choreography, and dance performances. This 21-year-old fashion blogger and TikTok founder is also among the top 10 most popular users in Australia.

TikTok ID: @anzu_bb

TikTok Likes: 92.4M

Followers in TikTok: 7.1M

4. Shubham Shukla

Shubham Shukla is a promising artist who works as a choreographer and dance instructor. The AS Dance Academy in Bhairahawa is owned by him. With his dance video, the young inventor began his TikTok journey on February 19 of this year. He has charmed his fans with his refined talents. Through his YouTube and Instagram profiles, he has made connections with all of his fans, and he has a following not just in India but also in Nepal.

TikTok ID: @subhamshukla3

TikTok Likes: 73.1M

Followers in TikTok: 4.8M

5. Sorrysa Joshi

The lip-syncing app TikTok has helped Nepalese social media star Sorrysa Joshi become well-known as well. Sorrysa Joshi is well-liked not only on the lip-syncing app but also on Instagram, the photo-sharing platform. On TikTok, Sorrysa Joshi has chosen the username @sorrysa official. Sorrysa Joshi has worked on numerous advertisements due to her enormous popularity on social media. She is best known for her comedic writing and humorous videos.

TikTok ID: @sorrysa_official

TikTok Likes: 47.9M

Followers In TikTok: 3.6M

6. Deepa Damanta Shrestha

Deepa Damanta is considered one of the prime influencers in Nepal who gained fame through TikTok and Instagram. These twin sisters are known for their beautiful and cute looks. They are largely well-known for their comedy video clips, sync dances, and TikTok lip sync performances.

Even the prized badge for being a top TikTok comic has been acquired by them. They are now a crowned “muser,” adding their unique Nepali tadka and style to the videos.

TikTok ID: @deepadamanta

TikTok Likes: 65.8M

Followers in TikTok: 2.9M

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7. Ixchita & Bixchita

Another twin pair in the TikTok is Ixchita & Bixchita.  They are famous for their dancing skills, modeling, and lip-sync videos. They have done several music videos, and commercial ads and collaborated with several brands. Additionally, they have a youtube account where they perform dance covers and music videos.

TikTok ID: @ixchita_bixchita 

Likes: 38.7M

Followers In TikTok: 2.4M

8. Simple Kharel

Simple Kharel is a singer and model from Nepal who rose to prominence for her transformations in TikTok videos. She lives in Bhaktapur with her family. She is most known for the popular song Jaula Relaima, which features Kamal Khatri, and the music video, which she both acted in and directed.

Additionally, she is renowned for her renditions of songs like Feri Bhet Nahola, Philo Maya, Jaula Relaima, and others. Ma geet hu timro with Kamal Khatri served as Simpal Kharel’s musical debut. Simple Kharel and Kamal Khatri’s chemistry was greatly praised and the song was a huge hit.

TikTok ID: @simpalkharel 

TikTok Likes: 145M

Followers in TikTok: 2.2M

9. Reshma Ghimire

Who hasn’t heard about Reshma Ghimire? She is a multi-talented girl who is an actress, model, TikTok star, singer, and nurse. She is the first verified user among the many TikTok users from Nepal. Reshma started making videos on the video-sharing app TikTok and amassed millions of fans. Many are unaware that she also gained the title of Miss Purbeli, in 2014. Her first movie Yo Saino Mayako was released in 2017.

TikTok ID: @reshmaghimire

TikTok Likes: 42.9M

Followers in TikTok: 1.3M

10. Asha Khadka (Sukumaya)

Also widely known as Sukumaya, Asha Khadka is a well-established youtube and TikTok artist from Nepal. She is a hardworking person and lives with her mother in Kathmandu. She was first known in a popular weekly comedy serial, Harke Haldar, for her role as “Ashe”. Now, she is popular for her role as Kanchi and Bhunti in her youtube serial Kanchi and Bhunti respectively. Likewise, today she runs her two youtube channels that go by the name Sukumaya TV and Kanchi Official with subsequently a subscriber count of 2.37M and 1.35M.

TikTok ID: @aashakhadka53

TikTok Likes: 1M

Followers in TikTok: 42K

Summing up

Besides the one mentioned above, there are still meant TikTok stars popular for their content in Nepal. You must think many invest their time and energy in TikTok to be stars but what do they do to be one? They just don’t arrive in droves or adopt amusing poses or dance to loud music or step on crops, and frequently provoke chaotic crowds that cause traffic crowds. They make good content and entertain users, people causing awareness as well.

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Who has the most followers on TikTok globally?

The most-followed individual on the platform is Khaby Lame, with over 151 million followers.

Who is Nepal no. 1 Vlogger?

Sisan Baniya is ‘arguably’ the most popular vlogger in Nepal as well as one of the most popular travel bloggers/vloggers.