TikTok places In Nepal No-one Knew(Trending)

Searching for trending viral TikTok places in Nepal? Are you one of those people that finds going to hyped places boring? If yes, then you’re not alone my friend. I had travel plans, most of which involved leaving Nepal. However, while randomly scrolling TikTok videos laying in my bed, I discovered some hip, trendy spots to visit in Nepal. So, My travel plan is canceled and I’m going to all those places now. Want to know what I found? Well then stick till the end. Here in this article, you will find some viral trendy TikTok places to visit in Nepal that no one knows.

Viral TikTok places in Nepal that no one knew

The usage of TikTok has be so popular these days that whenever someone posts a video about some new place, it does viral instantly. A large number of people start to go there and share experiences. This has added value to tourism.

Similarly, Many people get to know about the beauty of the hidden places but it soon becomes popular and the hype dies out soon. That’s why people always search and crave for new places. Are you also like one? Yes? Then you’ve landed in the correct place. Read till the end!!!

Here are some viral TikTok places in Nepal that no one knew.

Swing cafe

Situated in Basantapur, Swing cafe is definitely a place to visit and make TikToks. The regal aroma of coffee beans and sweets beckons you inside the Swing Cafe in Basantapur. The trending swing cafe is a fun place to be in. Enjoy your snack while also having the fun of being on a swing.

There aren’t many places that allow adults to ride swings and adults love swings as much as a child. This place thus has become a favorite of many. Thus, grab a drink and enjoy the experience with a swing.

Aema k restaurant and bar

This newly opened restaurant in Boudha is a Santorini-themed restaurant. Because of its white-and-blue ambiance, which resembles the prominent attractions of Greece, this place is widely popular in TikTok. Despite having a Santorini motif, the menu offers more European and regional fare than Greek cuisine.

Sasa: Twa

Another famous TikTok place in Nepal is Sasa: Twa. This place is rich in its indigenous Newari culture and it radiates a huge strong native Newari sense. This restaurant offers typical Newari food and has spacious space which can accommodate many people for events. It is located in Kirtipur, Kathmandu.

Singletree hill swing

Single Tree Hill, a tiny hill with a magnificent panorama of the capital city, is situated in Kathmandu close to Swayambhu, at the base of the Nagarjun forest. To see the sunrise or sunset, this location is ideal. It is the ideal location to take in the panoramic perspective of Kathmandu. Due to the swing’s resemblance to the well-known Bali swing, it gained popularity.

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Tindhare waterfall

Also, widely popular as Bahubali Waterfall, Tindhare Waterfall, is situated in Kafal Dada of Kavre District. This wonder of nature is indeed captivating the heart of people and has kept them awestruck. The waterfall, known as Tindhare, is 300 meters high and receives its water from three main streams.

It draws greater attention because it looks like the waterfall from the “Bahubali” movie. You can get to this place from Namobuddha to Dapcha or from Dhulikhel to Pipaltar to Kafaldada.

Malpokhari Daldale Daha

Surely most of you might not have heard about this place. Anyways, you must have seen people uploading videos dancing on the flimsy grass field. The name of that place is Malpokhari Daldale Daha. This is located in Lalitpur and is popular nowadays. It appears that it was created by the water becoming trapped beneath the grassy soil, much like a lawn blister. But the precise cause is still a mystery.

Mirror maze

With other places, this place is also going viral in TikTok but many might now know about this. As the name implies, you must find your way out of a number of mirror-made mazes, which are networks of roads created as puzzles. You might even run into the mirrors while looking for a route out or try to pass through them thinking they are new paths.

There are multiple videos on TikTok recently of individuals visiting the location, and many more people are curious about it. Five people can simultaneously explore one maze subject for about ten minutes.


Manahunkot is located in Tanahu district. Many people were captivated by the stunning sunrise from Manahunkot over the top of soaring clouds. Because people found it impossible to resist, it quickly went popular on TikTok. A view top will be constructed on Manahunkot Dada by the local administration because of the high volume of local tourists.

Bikalpa Art Cafe

Located in Lalitpur District, Bikalpa Art Cafe is a real place to hang out, with great ambiance, great food, and a super reasonable price. This cafe has a vibrant yet soothing haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has both outdoor and indoor venues with a beer garden and art on display.


The stunning vegetation, agricultural landscapes, and temples of Gundu are its most notable features. You feel more in tune with nature when you are surrounded by greenery. You will get a beautiful sense after just a few minutes there.

Additionally, the model of the abandoned plane crash creates the impression that you are viewing a piece of history. It’s not an actual wrecked plane; instead, it’s a model created to teach armies how to be ready for emergencies like plane crashes.

In The End

These are just a few lists of TikTok viral locations. Every day, content from locations all around Nepal that are cool and daring goes viral. Additionally, each of them has the potential to become a popular travel destination.

There are so many lovely, imaginative, and wonderful places close by that we have overlooked. Many places are still left unexplored. Hope this article helped you to find some viral places to visit. Don’t forget to go with your friends there!


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Is TikTok banned in Nepal?

No, TikTok is not banned in Nepal but making TikTok is banned in several religious places in Nepal.

Where is Umbrella street?

The one-time sensation of TikTok, an umbrella street, is in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Ithari, Dharan, Pokhara, and many other cities in Nepal.