Famous Tea Spots In Kathmandu

We love tea. Whenever we’re having a headache or a bad mood, a pipping hot cup of tea is all that we need. We have a long tradition of drinking tea. In Nepal, a boiling hot cup of tea is already prepared and waiting for you before you even enter the house. This is how Nepalis demonstrate their hospitality and cordially welcome visitors into their homes. So, even if you’re a native or visiting Nepal for the first time, here in this article you will get to know about some famous tea spots in Kathmandu, whose tea you need to have once.

History of Tea in Nepal

Nepal is a country that only recently began producing tea, and it is thought that a Chinese emperor gave Nepal’s Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana the first tea bushes as a gift.

Another tale claims that Colonel Gajraj Singh Thapa, Jung Bahadur Rana’s son-in-law, visited Darjeeling in 1863 and sampled the tea.

Despite the fact that the history of tea cannot be exactly known in Nepal, on the current scale, Nepal is one of the finest and the highest quality tea producers all over the world.

Some famous tea spots in Kathmandu

This sweet, milky tea is a little luxury that will delight your heart and senses when paired with sweet and savory delicacies.

Here given below are some famous tea spots in Kathmandu where you can enjoy this sweet and savory delicacy.

1. Chiya Ghar

famous tea spots in kathmandu

Chiya Ghar is a famous chiya spot in Kathmandu that serves several varieties of tea. This place is most popular for its Matka Tea. Another popular option is Masala Milk tea, which is spicy because of the cardamom and cloves in it.

They even have Chiyaccino tea and Himalayan tea on their menu. This unique shop has outlets in Pepsi-cola, Bhimsengola, Kumaripati, and Putalisadak. Although the tea is made with usual utensils, the serving makes them unique tea shops in Kathmandu.

2. Chiya Adda

Another distinctive tea shop in Kathmandu, Chiya Adda, is situated near New Baneshwor and Lazimpat. The Chiya Adda was founded by the well-known celebrity pair Mr. Sanjog Koirala and actress Barsha Raut.

Chiya Adda offers to give you exceptional matka tea in an effort to preserve our tea culture. Additionally, you can enjoy sitting in the swing while sipping a hot beverage.

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3. Chiyawala

Started nearly three years ago by a famous Nepali film director, Ganesh Dev Pandey, Chiyawala is another famous tea spot to have tea in Kathmandu. In honor of his father, he puts Ghanshyam special tea on the menu.

Additionally, the store, which is only a few kilometers from Trivuban International Airport, sells more than 30 different kinds of tea. That is not all, though. All furniture, including chairs and coffee tables, is created from recyclable materials.

The entire shop was constructed out of a shipping container, including the tea tables, which are old TV sets. Pandey’s company ethos is to entice clients with innovative concepts.

4. Tandoori Chiyaholic

famous tea spots in kathmandu

Tandoori ChiyaHolic, albeit only recently founded, has gained popularity among Nepali tea connoisseurs thanks to the alluring Indian Tandoori tea concept. Mid Baneshwor is where the store is situated. Tandoori

ChiyaHolic is a one-of-a-kind tea establishment in Kathmandu since it exclusively uses clay cups for everything from brewing to serving. To make the tea, the first clay cups must be baked to a scorching temperature in the oven.

The red-hot cups are then covered with hot tea. The last step in serving tea is to pour it into tiny clay cups, which gives it a clay-like flavor and aroma.

5. DarIwala Chiya

Located in mid-baneshwor, DarIwala Chiya is a famous spot to meet friends and talk among youths. This tea place does not include coffee. Hot milk tea, black tea, and lemon tea can all be ordered.

According to Rawal, the goal has always been to give Dariwala Chiya a distinctive flavor. As a result, tea’s constituents change with the seasons.

He explains that, for instance, a particular blend of cloves, black pepper, and cardamom may be added to your cup of tea throughout the winter. At his store, tea is the only thing for sale.

6. Bamboo Tea at Bamboo Biryani

famous tea spots in kathmandu

Despite the restaurant’s focus on distinctive biryani, bamboo tea has grown in popularity. The store may be found in Ratopul. And you must be thinking about what makes the shop unique. In fact, they use bamboo pots to make biryani and tea.

It is one of Kathmandu’s most distinctive tea cafes because the tea is brewed inside bamboo to capture the aroma of bamboo shoots. Many curious tea connoisseurs stop by the store to taste some tea. However, you must consume it quickly because it cools down quickly.


Personally, for me, I loved Chiya Ghar more than any other. I am more of a tea drinker than coffee, and at this place, I prefer to have tea more. I loved the ambiance, hospitality, and service of this chiya spot.

The idea of having tea in matka to promote and preserve our tradition and culture is what attracted me the most to this place, as this is the traditional way of serving tea. Similarly, what shocked me the greatest was this mud is recycled and reused to make flower pots and so on.

Summing up

Whether it be a hot sunny day or a cold winter evening, Tea (chiya) is the typical pastime for Nepalese.

So, if you’re planning to go somewhere to grab a cup of tea but are not sure where to go, then above are the must-try chiya spots in Kathmandu. Go grab a cup and add a twist to your tea time.

Happy tea day!!!

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Where is tea grown mostly in Nepal?

The main tea-producing regions in Nepal are Jhapa, Ilam, Panchthar, Dhankuta, and Terhathum with newly involved regions being Kaski, Dolakha, Kavre, Sindhupalchok, Bhojpur, Solukhumbu and Nuwakot, with a goal of increasing the total tea production in Nepal.

What is a tea called in Nepal?

Tea in Nepal is normally referred to as “Chiya”.